Pouring The Coals
18 Jul 231 min 25 sec

The corn just tasseled and is heading to brown silk.  Chad talks about his plans to push this corn to high yields.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're here in front of the A Aquid plot. This is the one we had the field day on. You know, 00:07 we had talked about forever, like May 11th field day, May 11th field day. So this is still it. So I was gonna give y'all update on where we're at. 00:14 We're headed, uh, we just sled, you can see it here. It's headed to, uh, brown silk. And so that means we fixing start pouring the coals to it again. 00:23 So this has already had, it had an early season fungicide on it, uh, right before, 00:28 prior to Dassel and now we'll wait till like brown silk and we'll put another fungicide on it and got another program for it. 00:34 So let's talk for just a minute about what we got going on here for y for y'all that didn't get to make the field day. So we've got four different recipes, 00:42 if you will. So that recipe may be the same infer and then a different tube of two or a different infer and a different two of two. 00:48 But there's four different kind of concoctions and there, and it's real simple, simple farmer programs that we've got going on here. 00:55 And so we we're anxious to see the results on this and it's replicated four times. So we take this a 40 acre trial, you know, 01:03 this is not something that we're gonna go out here 500 foot and then this is it and blah, blah, blah. So we've looked at this on a whole field deal, 01:10 so we're really anxious to get the data off of this and we ain't far from it. So, um, stay with us, stay tuned. 01:17 We appreciate folks at Agri Liquid and it's been a good trial.

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