Pushing Arkansas Row Rice Yields
11 Apr 232 min 25 sec

Matt Miles talks about a trial he is conducting with AgroLiquid that he hopes will push yields on his row rice.  What is Row Rice? He tells you and talks about the trial he is running on his field this season.

00:00 Hey guys, so we're here McGee Arkansas. We're doing a Agri liquids lab on rice rice is one of the unique products that that we Farm that's not 00:09 a lot of Acres Farm across the United States. So we we teamed up with Agri liquids. They wanted to do a rice lab which works out good to us because one thing 00:18 that we haven't been pushing for high yields as much as corn and beans or even cotton is the right, you know, rice is always been grown fairly standard. You 00:27 do these several things to it you cut, you know anywhere from 180 to 220 bushel rise. So can we can we go above that level that's the 00:36 question we're gonna have with this lab which will prove some things probably to us and agriculture. One thing 00:42 that we notice that we have have been lacking on in our corn and beans 10 years ago or micro nutrients, you know rice is the same price is 00:51 a grass plant just like corny is so if these products react really well in corn what will they do in rice? We're about to find out so we've got 01:00 40 acre lab 10 acre check then we've got this this first application. We did at planning with our Command and our Roundup. So the next 01:09 two 10 acres of the same product and then we're adding two of the other products to it on the last 10 acres. We'll come back. We've got one more application at like 01:18 three leave Four Leaves somewhere in that range. What we'll do kind of the same thing again in this plot, we're doing we're putting two 01:24 gallons of pro germinator. two gallons of capitalized two quarts of further rain and two quarts of micro 500. Those 01:34 are the four products that we were running as I've said before there's several different ways to grow rice. You've got your conventional Levy 01:40 rice. You've got your zero grade which we Farm a pretty good size Farm of that and then the I would say is still kind of a new production is row 01:49 rise. So we're growing this rice on raised beds. Just like we would corn and beans earlier again. It will probably pipe. 01:56 The advantage to that is we're able to take these sprayers because not wet all the time and and do these plots and don't do a better job, you know, 02:05 if not you be jumping levies or if it's zero grade most the time it's too wet. So we're very excited to see how this works and see what we can get out of the results. They'll be more 02:14 more applications we do later than we'll take it to yield and at that point we'll know if we're making any difference.

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