Pump Performance Update
11 Jan 232 min 52 sec

Last spring Kevin installed a ForceField Pump from


Hypro on his sprayer. So what does he think after running it for a season? He's gonna tell you.

Watch the install video here:


00:00 So we got to update for you guys and ladies. I just wanted to let you know kind of how our high-pro Pen 00:06 Air Force field pump done for us and 2022. If you remember last spring we come and this is 2017 model 00:15 sprayer getting a lot of hours on the original pump need to be checked out. Talking with my folks at Pen Air High Pro and they 00:23 said hey, let's bring a force-filled pump and put on there we want to show how easy it is to put it in and out and you know 00:29 replacing it's no problem. Everything will bolt up a little bit hasn't it? But we come down. About two hours. We had the old pump out new 00:39 pump in my old pump. The impeller was really corroded. It had a lot of wire in it that I didn't expect to have I'd been 00:48 noticing some pulsations and delays and my boom pressure and 21 when I was running it and we put the 00:56 replace that pump with that force field and same capacity pump is what's supposed to be on here. It's 01:02 all just OEM dropping Place easy to do 22. We didn't have any problems it you know, so I was actually losing pressure in that pump. I 01:11 was losing my volume because my old one had just got worn that impeller. Now the nice thing about the force field over the one that come on it from 01:20 the factory was it doesn't hurt it to run it without solution in it. You're not going to damage any SEALS or anything, but 01:26 the everything went well on it. We had no issues whatsoever. So it took about two hours to replace it. 01:36 2017 model had four years and we spray quite a bit of Acres a year with these sprayers. So kind of give you a feel where you can look 01:45 at your machine. It don't matter if it's a haggier John Deere New Holland whatever, you know check check 01:51 on it. Think about that pump. It's winter time. You got spring coming on got a little time get some parts order to get you a new pump order whatever 02:00 you need to do. Why would I went with a new pump versus rebuilding my other I get a new hydraulic motor I get, you know 02:09 all new houses everything new no corrosion. No wire and I just I can't have downtime anything. I can do to eliminate that 02:18 downtime and I feel like that's the main component of the sprayer that I needed to protect. So it was a good investment for us. It worked good and the 02:27 guys that are happy done excellent job getting the product to us and like say it did fit up perfectly just like they said it. 02:36 And no issues whatsoever. If y'all have any questions just send us an email on it be glad to work with you. Anyway, we can tell you about our experiences. They 02:45 was all good on this situation. So y'all stay safe.

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