Pump Maintenance For Winter Storage
31 Oct 232 min 44 sec

It's the close of season and Kevin is taking the proper steps to make sure that his Pentair Hypro transfer pump is ready to roll next spring. 

00:00 Got cold Bris morning here and a little bit of frost on the ground, uh, on top of the soybean plants that's still in the field and rooftops. 00:08 It kind of made me remind me that, um, need to be getting these winterized our pin, our high pro transfer pumps. They've done a great job this past season and we want 'em to do that and the 00:19 future. And we gotta look after those pumps. So we need to get the, uh, drains, drain all the fluid out, we'll take and wash 'em out with some water. 00:27 And then we actually put antifreeze in ours. It's something that we like to do. We take 'em, put 'em in the wire house. 00:33 But like some of these pumps we'll be using during the winter, um, with our small grain. So that's just a very important thing. 00:40 If you want these pumps to last and they're real quality pumps, uh, and your sprayers get, you get 'em cleaned out, 00:48 get you some antifreeze in them and, uh, hey, make these things last a long time. 'cause they're built to last a long time. They do a good job and they're only as good as you look after 'em. 00:59 So you can see here on this um, pin air high pro pump. We got our drain right here. Don't get too aggressive with these. These are poly. You can crack stuff and tie it up if you get it too tight. 01:10 But these are, these are much tougher than most of the pumps that we've used over the years of the competitors that take that out. 01:18 Take this one right here out so it can get some air. Run you some water through. You can un we use quick couplers here on this for ours. 01:25 Everybody's got different ways. There's no right or wrong way. It's just what works for your farm. But be sure, take this out. 01:33 You gotta o-ring in there, be careful, don't lose it. Take that one out, get everything out of it. Rinse this pump chamber out real good with some water. 01:41 And then once it dries, or just be sure and put you some antifreeze in there. We use actually reclaimed antifreeze from the salvage yard. Um, the, 01:51 your wreck cars, they come in, Hey, they, they take that antifreeze, they pump it out, they clean it, they reprocess it, repackage it. And um, 02:00 you can go online and find a lot of companies in your areas. And there's one right here in North Carolina and they probably ship it all over 02:06 the US too. I don't know. But anyhow, it's much cheaper than regular antifreeze. It works really well. Look after these pumps. These are some good pumps. 02:16 They'll last you a long, long time. But again, you need to look after 'em. And during the next spring, be sure and change your motor oil in that pump. 02:25 Get fresh oil in it. Drain all the oil out and put new oil in. Look at it just like you do your tractors and your combines.

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