Protecting The Nuts
24 Mar 234 min 46 sec

Damian talks with XtremeAg's Caleb Traugh about a brand new biological product from FMC that he will be trialing on his peanut acres this spring.

00:00 Hey there, Damian Mason coming at you from commodity classic. We're talking about products for peanuts. We're doing that with Caleb. Trial Caleb is 00:06 an affiliate with extreme AG. He's in Georgia young guy got some cool stuff going on. He's gonna be trialing some products to help get more peanuts with less disease 00:15 problems out of the ground. Tell us about this Camille and Gail man. I'll tell you what. We're excited to have a dude that is 00:21 joining us. That's in the peanut Biz. So what do you guys gonna be rolling out? What a little tricks? You got up your sleep. Well, we got it. We got that plant product that we're gonna be testing this year doesn't even 00:30 have a name yet. We just call it f492 but it's it's a combination product of an insecticide with a biological fungicide to control some 00:40 of those seedling disease rise octonia pythium some of those kind of diseases that we can occasionally run into in some of our crops Camille. You're in 00:49 the South you are going to be kind of helping out on this product thing right here. What do I don't know anything. I eat 00:55 peanuts. Yeah, they get a lot of nasty junk right here. They Fungus says they get diseases what happens we have 01:02 to we have to intensely manage peanut. So lots of fun to set applications lots of detective set application. So this product that's coming out similar to a product that you may have 01:11 heard of before ethos exp. So capture which would be about Fin thren, it would be the active ingredient insecticide in it and we have a biological component. So our goal in this is 01:20 to protect that root Zone. We want to make sure we keep the roots healthy so that nothing injures them. Once the roots are injured 01:26 that opens the door for insects and pathogens to infect the peanut crop and in less than our yield so we want to make sure we keep it healthy and the 01:35 biological components gonna grow with the root zone. So as as it grows, it colonizes more and more and we keep that root Zone healthy. It's a 01:44 biological and insecticide. Do you need this product Kayla? Yeah, so we like the looking at the new biological fungicides 01:54 because while we're relying on our chemicals a lot. Well, we know that we have a lot of Regulation coming up and 02:03 generally people are more open to the idea of using natural products biological products to help safe in 02:10 the production of these crops. We've been talking about Biologicals ever since I joined extreme act a couple of years ago and there's 02:16 a lot of products in this space. Is this your first foray into a biological or is your first 02:22 four into a biological for penis both all none? We've we've actually got a number of biological products. This is probably the first one we're 02:28 looking at specifically in peanuts, you know for that kind of disease Spectrum. So we've been working a lot in corn and soybeans and some other crops the last 02:37 couple years, but this is one we're kind of focusing on on some of those other crops and trying to find that opportunity and that 02:44 That controller that that protection that Growers are looking for and kind of expand that Rome and really trying to figure out okay, we know what we can do in corn we know we can do in here can we provide some 02:53 additional protection for some of these seedling diseases that they're running into impedance? What's success gonna mean to you when 02:59 you got there. Look at these trials you're doing what is it going to look like feel like or at the end of the season make 03:05 you say that was a success. I'm really glad we did. This. One thing that we really want to see with peanuts is having 03:11 a good stand that's important for us in every crop. But especially with peanuts because having that good stand enables us 03:17 to achieve our mat some of the meal potential. So we're really excited to hopefully see a nice stand with our peanuts and to set ourselves up for a good deals Camille. You 03:26 said that we put products on Peanuts a lot. They're one of those things that just need a lot of love treatment. How are we using this? How many times we're gonna use this when will you use it? 03:35 This would be an in-app plan application. It's gonna go on early. So as the plants grow that product the biological component is going to colonize 03:44 and grow with the plant. So we want to make sure we get it on early so that we don't get the roots injured infected anything like that we protect it All Seasons got it. 03:53 We'll be tuesdaying tuned to see what happens with this. And when should we expect to start seeing some kind of visible results immediately at 04:02 the end of the season when we all know we shouldn't have an addition an initial idea of the success of the product as the plants are growing and in the seedling 04:11 stages, we want to make sure that we have our our good plant count. So we all make sure that the plants are growing very early in that. We're not at risk for 04:20 some of these seed and seedlings. I'm excited about because you know, what we haven't done much of extreme egg. We have not talked a lot about peanuts and I love peanuts peanuts with cold beer salted roasted 04:29 peanuts and cold beers. You know, what if you're a peanut producer we want you to stay tuned. We're doing this research for you. We'll share the information. 04:35 You can learn and make bigger peanut profits on your farm till next time. I'm David Mason with extreme AG.