Protecting Lower Populations From Disease
2 Apr 234 min 37 sec

Matt Swanson believes that lower populations have the potential for higher yields.  Pulling back your populations means you need a top notch stand from the very start and there is no room for yield busing diseases. Matt is trialing a disease protection package from FMC that he hopes will deliver the protection he needs to benefit from a lower planted population.

00:00 Hey there with Matt swans and he's an extreme AG affiliate from Western, Illinois. He's gonna be trialing three different products from FMC which 00:06 is known in the fungicide space and you only know about one of these products. So it's kind of like wow, you're gonna be grabbing something out of the box. You've never even seen before or even heard 00:15 of so Gayle stratman is with us. He's a with FMC obviously. What are we doing? What are you gonna be doing? Yeah. So we've got three Labs we're gonna do one with 00:24 ziway, which is product that I've not used but you know the industry it's it's known in the industry. Then we're gonna use one with the dastrio, which is a new foliar Fungicide and then 00:33 the third product I'm not gonna miss pronounce. So let Gale handle that. Yeah, the third one we're gonna look at is zeronar, which is a biological 00:39 product that we're putting down that planning time for seedling Disease Control as well. Some nematodes suppression 00:45 give that product an extra dose of protection early in the season protect that root mass colonize that throughout the growing season give that 00:51 plant a better start faster start little healthier starts are out there early growing season are is the 00:57 one that you're excited about because I way has Track record and that's what we're gonna start with. What we're gonna do is sideway how we're going to use it. What do you expect to see? Yeah. So 01:06 ziway is gonna we're gonna use it in our two by two fertilizer application. And really what we're trying to do is keep the disease for 01:13 even entering the plant And then that which should help us with our later season disease pressure by cutting it off her. Yeah. 01:20 Been bent some really exciting since the results that have come out of that in the last couple of years, you know around early season disease 01:26 protection keeping that lower canopy healthy not giving that up. We've seen some impressive results from Colonel depth 01:32 and test weight as well. As you know, just stay green and stand ability. So there's a lot of benefits that we've been seeing in there in addition to just the foliar Disease Control which 01:41 has been really exciting that's all corn related benefits. You just gave me all the trials are gonna be on Corner. Yes. All 01:47 right, and we've got there's Highway thing and then where do we come in with zero and arm is that later in the season? Right? No zero on ours gonna come in like say it's 01:56 gonna be part of that planning time scenario. That's gonna be it down there like set that's looking for primarily targeting those seedling diseases. 02:02 So we're talking pithy. If I talked those diseases that you get a corn crop up and you get it to inches tall 02:08 we get three weeks of wet weather. We'll start losing stand. What we're trying to do is keep that stand once we get it out of the ground because we're recognize 02:14 how critical it is to get a good stand from beginning and how hard it is to replant and how much 02:20 Lost you taking that scenario. So it's about protecting that crop and protecting that seed the minute. We drop it in the ground. Okay, Damian. 02:26 So one of the things that we've talked about in the podcast is our state establishment. Yeah, right and and like Kelly and I 02:32 have talked about we're pulling our planting populations back. Well, we can't forward is to pull those planning population back and then 02:38 lose part of that state. All right. So guys, I we going into buy two a Time planning zyro zeronar goes 02:44 in at time planning. Yeah. We come back in the dash area as over the top. Yeah. Okay. Yep. That's a full year fungicide that 02:50 we're gonna come in in that VT r one timing for you know, our foliar diseases that are gonna finish the season now, especially if we got situations where we got tar spot or Southern rust 02:59 or some of those later season foliar diseases that can get really aggressive on the back end of that reproductive period that's really where a dastri is gonna fit that bill Matt. We're attacking 03:08 a problem. That is absolutely already there. Are we attacking a problem you think might come and you're preparing yourself for I mean, is this something you're like, well, thank goodness. We find address this. 03:17 So the audacity of specifically that's you know, Far as the Taurus body goes that's a new problem for us, but it's been a consistent problem for us and since xiway was just labeled 03:26 with suppression for tarspot. Correct? Yes. So audacity was kind of the second leg of that tar spot. It's a fighting 03:32 out. All right. Yes, so we're gonna be the full package and we're talking at time of planning with two products and then over the top one time. Yep. Only one time with the industrial that's that 03:41 would be my plan. We may make a second pass. But yeah, it would just be the one. Yep, but it allows you the flexibility to make that decision on the 03:47 Fly is a growing season goes preventing one conditions environmental situations. All right success will know 03:53 if we see it. Are we going not know until the combine runs a lot of this gonna determine and the combine that's where it all pays the bills I'm seeing 03:59 by yet that can take pretty pictures to the elevator. So it's all about bushels and that's what we're going for. All bushels comes September October all about return on investment days. Actually. 04:08 Yeah, that's the biggest. I like it stay tuned. We'll be keeping up with Matt and the trials that 04:14 are going on throughout the summer and fall and until next time you can find all that by the way at extreme Egg Farm. It's 04:20 extreme AG are we put videos out there? It's all about information. So you can make good decisions to improve yields on your farm till next 04:26 time. He's Matt Swanson extreme agaffiliate and he's Yale stratman with FMC. I'm Damian Mason 04:32 coming to you from commodity classic.