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21 Apr 233 min 3 secPremium Content

Kevin diagnoses and fixes a spray pattern issue on his planter that may be an issue for your planter as well.

Here today, we've got our planters out. We've been running them and we run water through all our systems to verify everything's good. And what what I found was some of my spray pattern on my injection tips on my capstan select shot what performing like I wanted them to they they was doing a good job volumize. I just wasn't quite getting the the consistent penetration. Like I wanted it just simply didn't look right. And so what I done was I went in here and started pulling all my tips out and looking at them and checking my check valves see if I had any instructions and pretty interesting what I found here and I'll show you so we got her, you know, we got our hoses come down for our slack shot and we'll come down. We got our tube there guard where our check valve and our tip goes and this is our tea up right here if you notice that piece of shining, All right there it's two pieces in there that stainless steel that actually was inside that tip. Kind of surprised me. It was probably like it when I was finishing up last year and I did not realize that but so what I've done was I took The tip just turned it upside down and tapped it on the casting right here and was able to get that get that metal out. Another thing. I will take and I can get my phone set right wheel. I'm gonna show you. So I got the metal flakes out the way got a piece of wire here and I took strippers. And got it down to the right gauge to go in there torch cleaner do the same thing. That's actually what I prefer to use. But this is what I had to make some running in there run that thing around like that and then take that to you be careful. So you don't have to hit it hard. You don't want to mess the threads up just like right there and that's where I'm getting those flakes of stainless steel out and almost think makes me think it might have come from when they made the tips. I don't know but kind of interesting 24 of them on this planet and I probably done got same rate of them out already. So I'm gonna go through every one of them and check them just prevented the maintenance, but this is just something for you. Ladies and gentlemen to be able to look at. And kind of get your stuff right before it goes the field. I strongly encourage you doing this with water before you get to the field that way when the Planters are rolling and the seat carts are arriving. And you're wanting to get done to go on that vacation. Then you'll have all this ready to go. But anyway, you guys ladies stay safe. It's just a tip from extreme mag to save you some time and do a good job.

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