21 Nov 224 min 15 sec

The installation of drain tile 2 years ago has changed farming for Chad, opening up new areas of the field for growth. He explains how the


 lift station, remote monitoring and weather station work together to deliver a new level of precision water management.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag. And we you know, you've seen me do numerous videos about this lift 00:06 station, you know in this and this ads tile project that that we've done with ads and McCain Brothers installed it 00:15 so we um. We're here now. We're a year and a half in and here we are. We planted wheat back on the farm. It was weed on the 00:27 farm when we when we cut it. When we've done a tile work, it was wheat we cut the wheat and then we put the tile in and then we went to rest that season then when 00:35 it whole corn here and now we're back to wheat will now we got the wheat planted. So there was spots out here in this field that had nothing 00:41 on it. It was a zero, you know because of the water table and all in that winter. So I'm anxious this year our tiles 00:47 out there lift station sitting on go right now. We're you know where we've been kind of dry. So there's no water moving. There's no nothing going 00:56 on. It's not pumping any water and soon as it gets up. We start getting some rain then this thing's gonna start flowing so it's gonna be real interesting to see if it can hold off 01:05 of these spots because it's some pretty wet spots over there and we got a beautiful stand of weed on and some pretty wet spots 01:11 that we're gonna see if this thing to do the job. So what we've done here is where everybody can see what's going on from 01:17 the people that installed it is we have a flow meter on it and we had to put that 90 on it to keep the pipe full. So this is our flow Mater and it's goes in 01:26 real time with this Aquarius Farm controls. That Rob Deadman come over and installed for us. So it's solar powered and when we 01:35 also have a charge of battery and we can run here and we'll let us know and that's one of the steps that we want to know. This field 01:41 is also irrigated. So we want to control or know as best as we can with the water. We put down on top and then the water we pull off. So we're monitoring here 01:50 all the time in real time. And we know how much water is leaving this thing. So it's gonna be interesting see on a monthly basis and track rainfall and water usage and 01:59 then water what leaves here, you know, so I'm looking forward to seeing what this project has in store for us and to be able to track and be more efficient 02:08 and even looking into doing water sampling as well because we're gonna prove, you know, that the tile systems and all that is just it creates 02:17 a cleaner environment a cleaner Farm, you know, and we're not dumping this water out, you know, you hear a lot about tile dumping nutrients out, 02:26 you know, and so we think the dirt so Filter there is so we're gonna prove it with we're gonna water sample this thing and have a history of water sampling where we know what's 02:35 leaving our Farms, you know, and we start document that this is the next part of with our with our lift station 02:41 and with our our water management and our flow meter. So here we go. This is the next part to ties to it or weather station part of it. So we have soil moisture 02:50 probes in the ground and we're looking at the water depth. We have them I think four levels. It's six 02:58 12 18 and 24 if I'm not mistaken and that's the levels we're looking at so it'll be interesting that ties into the Aquarius 03:07 Monitor and all that's gonna be real time and we'll keep a check of the water table and water levels and soil profile all tied 03:16 into lift station. Now, you know people's been tiling for years and years and years and but the amount of control and management Water Management 03:25 now instead of tiling it just removing water where these lift stations and and advances that 03:31 we have now, it's water. It's really Water Management because I can change the level of that field and wanting to 03:37 increments of where my water table needs to be and it's hard to say, you know down here in the South about a water table, you 03:43 know, because we don't really have the same way that they do up north where they do all the tiling, you know, so we're learning about 03:49 that and we and so it's gonna be interesting to see how we manage this water from now on from irrigation to tile in the same field and 03:58 and then having sections with this ads trial that we have going on that where we can know what water we're removing and so how much excess water is out 04:07 there, you know, so stay tuned. I'll keep you posted.

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