Pre-Chemistry Load Up
5 May 230 min 55 sec

Kelly Garrett is sitting in his sprayer getting ready to load his pre-chemistry to go out on the corn field after planting.  He talks about why he is adding


 into the mix and why it has become grower standard practice on his farm.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG sitting here in the sprayer. We're getting ready to load our pre-chemistry to go out on the cornfield after planting. We're 00:09 also adding in a gallon of extract from Loveland today. Extract is a nutrient mineralization product that helps a grower get the most out of the organic matter and 00:18 fertilizer. Be it manure or synthetic fertility besides accomplish LM. It's also got some 600 13 in it, which really helps with nutrient break down 00:27 nitrogen stabilization residue breakdown many benefits to this product besides putting it in with your burn down in your sprayer. You can also put it in your two by two. 00:36 It would replace a gallon of ATS in the two by two and it will help with nitrogen uptake and nitrogen fixation in the plant. This is really a soil Health product, which 00:45 helps us balance our soil and get the most out of our soul help it reach its potential something that I think everybody should take a look at. Thanks.

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