Planting Old Style
29 Apr 240m 56s

Always good to get a reminder of how nice modern technology is.

00:00 So when you're multitasking and you're planting and zooming at the same time on a zoom call, and then you up here in these hills, 00:06 these rocks, drug a rock up. So this morning I'm almost halfway done, but I am planting corn. 00:13 The old style. Yep. One kernel at a time. Measuring it. Got the right depth, no question about two inch depth. Got to get that in there. Tip down too. 00:29 Every time we can get it that way. Drop it in there. Tip down. Yeah. I can be a little a**l about stuff. 00:40 So when your planter messes up because of the conditions you're in, sometimes you just gotta get out there by behind 00:45 and do it the old fashioned way to get it right. Right's right. Halfway is halfway. We like to do things right.

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