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Do Kelly, Matt and Temple see any differences in the rows planted by the Fendt Momentum Planter versus Kelly's John Deere? It may not be too early to tell.

00:00 So we're out here in the field temple's digging up a fent row. This is a John Deere row. 00:06 The outside row looks a little weaker on the John Deere for some reason. But even when we get to the other rows of John Deeres, I gotta admit, 00:12 the Fent corn looks a little bit better. Yeah. Some point. I I, I'd agree. I think it's, it looks better. Um, it's actually almost a leaf stage ahead. 00:24 It is right now. Yeah. It is a leaf stage ahead. So we've pulled up two of these plants out here in this, um, potting soil in the, in Iowa. It's really what this is. 00:33 Here's one of the differences. So these plants, although they look similar, the fent plant is actually at leaf stage ahead of Kelly's, you know, 00:42 grow standard practice plant, you should say. Right? But here's the other thing that we saw. So when we pulled up the root system, if you look at this root system, you may be, I'll see it against my shirt, 00:51 this root system here. There's been some type of smearing inside that, you know, there, they're, they're thin this way, they're wide this way, 00:59 but they're thin this way. So it was planted like this. So there's obviously some smearing, some sidewalk compaction and we can't really talk about, shouldn't have been. 01:06 They're plant it the exact same day. So, you know, we got the fend versus the John Deere same day and on the Fed Planter, we don't see that. It's the same all the way around. You know what I mean? 01:16 So there was no sidewalk compaction whatsoever. So, you know, when he's telling Kelly that, you know, they're planning on beating your, 01:23 your planner, I don't have a doubt that, that it could very well happen very easily. You're already set up for a great scenario, you know, 01:31 because every row is so exactly the same by the way that they set their planners up. Every row is exactly the same. 01:40 Although if you've taken my situation down there and, and you run the same planners on flat ground, we may never see this difference that, that Kelly's seeing here. 01:50 But when in adverse conditions, many these looks like, to me, this thing's gonna shine like terribly shine. The fan 01:56 Planter looks pretty Tough. The, it looks really tough. And as all of us know, you know, we, we do all kinds of things to get rid of sidewall, compaction. 02:05 Don't try to smear, don't try to plant in the mud. You know, sometimes some chain, some cases we just don't have a choice. 02:13 But this one's not showing any of that. Is it just that it's just, you know, and I've said it before out here in your situation, Kel, you know, 02:20 when you get into, I mean this is massive amount of residue that you have to cut through in a no-till situation. If you're gonna no-till in a situation like this, 02:29 your no-till game better be really strong. And I think fence got a really strong no-till situation here. The technology on the fence plant, 02:38 it has to do with the delta force is the start of it. And we have Delta force on our John Deere, but the, the Delta force technology, of course they have it on the row unit, on the fence. 02:47 And then that fent plant is basically three 20 foot toolbar. And the weight distribution onto the wings is also the Delta force technology 02:57 constantly adjusting, going throughout the field. Whereas our planner is just lays on the ground. So the, while you have the Delta force working, it still doesn't have the weight trip. 03:06 You okay? If you're up here on a hill, it's going be more pressure, might be more pressure on the downhill side than the uphill side, 03:11 whereas the Fent evens it out. Okay. And then the Fent also has the floating toolbar. And so you've got the main three 20 foot sections of toolbar and then they each 03:23 have a cylinder on 'em that goes back to another seven by seven floating toolbar. And that's actually what the units are on. So like, 03:30 when you're going through these, these valleys and over the, you know, if I go through a sway, my units probably going a little bit too deep. 03:36 If I go over a crest of a hill, they probably come out a little bit. Yeah. That floating toolbar is constantly adjusting with the same technology of the 03:44 Delta force and it's working. And that, that's why Arthur predicts he'll beat us by five bushel looking at me. He's not off. 03:52 He, he might not be off. I mean, you can see if, you can see the variation in the soil where the, where Euro planter is ruining. You've got a new planter, 03:59 it's got all the bells and whistles on it. Yep. And it can't adjust fast enough where this one is, every road looks exactly the same. 04:07 You can look up there and you can see the 24 from the fence and then you can see the next 24 from ours. 04:11 And it looks a little tough right there compared to the fence plant. It should be worth five bushel. I, it's hard to say. 04:16 Arthur's not on point here and Arthur said the rougher the ground, the better it does, the more he's gonna win. Arthur might, 04:23 I might have to buy Arthur some beer, I guess is what I'm saying cuz that's what the bed is.

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