Packing Weight On His Wheat
18 May 231 min 20 sec

Chad's wheat is about a month out from harvest. He's already done the head scab treatment, so why is he spraying one more applications.

00:00 Hey y'all. This Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and guess what? We're fitting to spray a little weed. That's right. It's late, 00:07 but head scab was what? A week ago. We unsprayed that. So that ain't what we doing. We going to try to add some test weight or maybe a little bit of yield. Heck, 00:17 if I know we fixing to make one more application and we're gonna make this thing, it's after it's flowered, it's done. It's done. 00:23 We've fitting to pack weight in. We're probably one month away from harvest and we've been to see what we can do. That's where the whole extreme ag part comes in, guys. 00:32 It comes in on the part of, we're pushing the envelope on what we can do and what we can't do. What makes money and what don't make money. 00:38 So when we get some fertility in here that I might just have left over, why not put it out? So that's what I do. I put it out. 00:45 So it's going out at a pretty dang good rate. We going to take this field right here. We're going to run every other streak across this field. Then we'll cut it, 00:54 wrap it, cut it, wrap it, and see if we can find a bush or two. Maybe we can find some test weight. Maybe we can find some protein. 01:01 It don't really matter. We gotta find something. But we'll let y'all know what it is. But that's what we out here doing this evening. 01:07 Go see if we can't find a little bit of yield out here. We've been known to come up with a little bit. We'll see if our theory holds true. We'll keep you posted. See ya.

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