Enhanced Weed Control Strategies
17 Apr 243m 1s

Weeds continue to get tougher and tougher to control in today's farming environment. Kelly Garrett and Mike Wingrove talk about their approach to weed control and two new products they are trialing as part of the XtremeAg partnership with FMC (Anthem MAXX and Authority EDGE).

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett coming to you today with a problem we have with weed control. Weeds continue to get harder and harder to kill. 00:06 We are continually tweaking and changing our weed control program with Mike Windrow of Integrated Ag helping us. 00:12 He is our weed control specialist. He's the guy we go to with the chemical type problems with. His chemistry is always evolving, things like that 00:19 to help us with the weeds. In the past couple years, Wingrow has helped us treat the water switch adjuvants. We put fulvic acid into everything that goes out now, 00:27 be it a chemical program or a foliar program. And today we're talking about some new products coming from FMC. 00:33 We've used authority branded products for a long time now. We also have Anthem Max. 00:37 This is a program we're gonna try with FMC this year 'cause we've got overlapping residuals. Windrow is gonna explain to us how it works. 00:44 Yeah, so, like he said, mentioned, we use authority, the authority first, um, authority branded products before we've had great luck with them, 00:51 but we, we have seen some escapes here and there and we're looking to get some overlapping residual using these new products. 00:58 They sent. We got the dual dual mode, um, dual group herbicides with these, and we were, we were excited to try 'em. 01:06 I think most farmers, you know, they spray their pre and they, they don't want to go out and spray again until they see four or five inch Swedes. 01:13 We need to rely more on our residual products as we have here today and let them do the work. We, we don't wanna wait to spray, 01:20 we wanna spray early and often. And when it's coming to a chemical program and we're talking about controlling weeds, 01:26 weight is definitely a four letter word. Yes. If we wait too long, obviously the weeds get tougher to kill. 01:32 Um, the resistance in the weeds we have you, you have to look at different programs, different, um, escape routes like so to say, to kill the weeds. 01:41 So we need to go out, you know, pray, spray our pre, and then 21 days later let's go out and spray the post with our residual. 01:48 Get those residuals overlapped and rely on the product to do its Job. As farmers, we 01:54 try to wait as long as possible to make sure we have a control. We don't want to have to come back. 01:58 Of course, that's why we need to choose a good residual program so we don't have to come back. 02:01 But we also need to use the product, be it a chemical program, a foliar program for what it's intended for. 02:06 When we kind of get outside that circle of the, what the product intended use is, and then the product doesn't 02:12 work, we wanna blame the product. Right. And that's what waiting to spray is. We're getting too far away from 02:17 what the window was designated to be as a farmer. We need to use the product, what it's intended for, and you're gonna have much better 02:22 luck. Much better success. Absolutely. And we need to be more proactive with all our chemistries 02:27 and get, like, like you said, get out there early. Often we like to go out and scout after we did our pre and wait as long as possible. 02:34 You know, canopy helps with weed control, but we need to get that residual out there and then let, let it do its job. 02:40 Then the canopy can take over and A little easier, easier to kill than big weeds and things like weather can happen, things like that. 02:45 Uh, sprayers can break down, but by and large, we need to be out there early and often. We need to let the product do its job 02:51 and we need to use the product, what it's intended for to have the best success. We can Absolutely.

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