Optimizing Fertilizer Allocation for Corn
12 Jun 245m 32s

Chad Henderson discusses his Nachurs field day plot. They experiment with three different dry fertilizer blends, reallocating unspent budget into other inputs like herbicides and fungicides throughout the growing season.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're standing here in our reallocation plot. Me and Tommy here, we're doing one 00:07 and this is a dry land part of the field. And we're had, we've got three different blends of dry fertilizer. 00:12 Again, this is strip tilled here. So we've got three different blends of dry fertilizer and then we gonna reallocate what we didn't spend in the dry 00:20 into either infer a tub by two herbicide pass, foer, fungicide, you name it, wide drop. We're gonna reallocate it. Wide dropping. So, 00:28 So we started out with, on that side over there, we started out with 150 pounds pre-plant strip till. And we don't get to spend any more money the rest 00:38 of the year except for, except for nitrogen. We'll put nitrogen on. But that's all we get to spend the rest of the year because 00:44 We're looking at, what we're talking about here is $4, $5 corn. Right? That's what is real world right now. 00:50 And so that's where our number's at and why Tommy says we can't spit no money because at 150 pounds we was somewhere 00:57 around $45 is what we spent in fertility. You Know? So if the reason why we want to do this is the problem 01:05 that a lot of people have is they will spend, they'll blow all their fertilizer budget up front. Yep. And then if you get a good year, I've already spent it, 01:14 so I can't, can't do anything the rest of the year. So kind of the one thing we wanna show is what happens if we relocate 01:22 or reallocate some of those pounds of dollars to where we can target periods of influence during the season. But 01:29 You have to be committed. Absolutely. Well, 'cause I promise you we're short. We're gonna be short. The corn plants look great 01:36 and they're still here, but you know, this beautiful corn plant ain't what we sell. Right. So, you know, we have to be committed in that. 01:43 Yeah. Uh, talking about we don't sell plant unless you're silage dairy farmer. That's right. Then you sell plant. 01:49 But we get No, we get paid nothing extra for producing the sexy plant. We want to fertilize the plant, not fertilize the bulk soil. 01:59 That's exactly right. That's right. That's why we are here on this farm. We're strip tilling. That's why we do wide drop. 02:04 That's why we have infer or two to two, either or, you know, that's what we got going. So with our first one over there with all of these here, 02:12 we have zero infer on it. Right. There's no infer on any of this plot here. It's only tub by two is what we got. 02:19 And Tommy didn't want me putting two by two down. I said, look Tommy, I can't do it. I just, I can't do it. So we just put, he 02:25 Wasn't fully committed, so I wasn't Fully committed, you know, it's just so far I'm gonna let him take me. 02:30 So we did put nitrogen in the tupa two by two across all this. But then over here on the, on the a hundred pound pre-plant, 02:38 then we can add NP and K and some micros in the two by two. Then you come over to the 50 pound, guess what? 02:45 We get to do the same thing. Add NPK micros on the two by two. But now we get to add fertility in the herbicide pass. 02:53 We get to add more fertility in the Y drop. And what we're doing is targeting known periods of influence. 03:00 Because as the herbicide pass, guess what's happening? We're making, we're making rounds on the air. Yep. You get later. It's, 03:07 It's, it's our V four V five round. Absolutely. Then you get later in the wide drop pass, say V eight to 10 to 12, guess what we're doing there? 03:15 Yep. Influence We're make, we're making how many kernels we're gonna have on that ear. So guess what, we in this 50 pound spot here, we get 03:23 to that more fertility then. Yep. Yep. We, I mean we have a few weeds, you know what we'd call weeds? 03:28 We have a few plants that's, that's not up to par. And you going, you gonna get them. It might be in a seed coming, it probably wouldn't shed 03:33 No, it's always Nothing you did farmer. It's never the farmer. It's always a seed company or it's a fertilizer company or maybe just sunshine. It's 03:40 Never the fertilizer Company. It's never the fertilizer company. It's never the farmer. Definitely than the 03:44 Seed company. That's right. So if you look here, look, I wanna point out this. So if you look here at this plant here, 03:51 there's, don't know what happened. Could be, could be seed, uh, seed treatments on the corn. Could have been plant depth, could have been depth. 03:59 But this, we call this, even though it's corn plant, we, we call it a weed now 04:04 because what's gonna happen is this plant here, it won't produce a ear. It will rob nutrition. 04:11 It'll rob moisture from these two plants here. So we would be better off. It's funny, we sit down right here, 04:17 but we're actually missing a plant on this side. Yep. You know, so it's, so we'd be better off to be like this and just have a wided gap. 04:24 Right. Because then these will fill in, this'll be a nice area, right? Because these, if you get right moisture 04:29 conditions, right. Environment, heck, these two plants may produce a double. Yeah, same thing over there. 04:36 But this, this is gonna be a weed. So that's funny that we sit here and there's this hole here and then there's a bad weed there 04:41 and there's the same thing over there. So it kinda makes you wonder what was going on here. Maybe it was operator here, 04:48 Blame Jackson. Yeah, let's blame that. We started this venture back four months ago, Four months ago. You know, we 04:56 planned this, so, and We planned this. So we know where we at, we know where the prices are going to be. 05:00 You know, obviously we hope we was wrong on that, you know, but, but we know where the prices are going to be and, 05:05 and we're, we're making plans for it. And we're making, this is what we do is do these trials so that we know when the prices run up 05:12 or down, we know where to Land. One thing you've said you have to have a plan when you start out 05:17 and you have to stick to it. Yeah. What Mike Tyson say, I don't Know. Everybody had a plan 05:22 until they got punched in the mouth. That's true.

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