Optimizing Farm Data
26 Jun 241m 52s

Kelly Garrett talks about the crucial role of data in modern farming and how he is increasingly using Ops Center to streamline his farming operation.

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00:00 I came up here to check out a field boundary in the sprayer for a foliar application we just made. And, uh, it got me to thinking about 00:08 how important data has become. That's all we hear about in print, magazines and social media. 00:14 You know, farmers' data, be it for a trial, whether we're selling carbon credits, keeping track of our sprayer records in case there's a chemical drift, 00:22 different seed corn hybrids. We might plant different foliar applications. We might use our FSA data when we certify. 00:29 Mike Evans uses JD Ops Center for our variable rate applications. He exports the yield data out 00:33 of JD Ops Center into the software that we use to make our variable rate anhydrous corn planting and soybean planting applications. 00:41 Writes the prescription, then imports it back into JD Ops Center, sends it through the cloud to the planters 00:47 or the anhydrous bar works seamlessly. It just amazes me when I think back about my 25 plus years of farming and how technology has become Mike Busing, 00:57 my Tru Tera retailer, when it comes down to the bitter end, and you've gotta get the fields applied, 01:01 and we all know once in a while things get in the way and we get our paperwork in late when it gets down to the bitter end. 01:06 If you don't have JD Ops Center, busing might not get you into a trutter program or an ARVA program because it's that effortless for him 01:13 to get the information to get the data out of JD Ops Center. The list goes on and on. 01:18 Crop insurance, FSA data, variable rate prescriptions, sustainable programs, technology is at the forefront of what we do. 01:26 I believe JD Ops Center is the best. I, the number one reason I have John Deere is probably because of the service I get from Van Wal. 01:32 The number two is JD Ops Center and the a MS programs. They have How I can Switch implements, whether it's the, the sprayer, the anhydrous bar, the planter, or the combine. 01:41 The technology seamlessly moves throughout that. It makes our job gathering that data and using that data very easy.

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