Optimizing Crop Protection: A Precision Gauge for Precision Spraying in Agriculture
11 Oct 235 min 59 sec

Temple continues his talk with XA member Greg Dell about the technology improvements he made to his sprayer this summer and the pay off that resulted.

00:00 So I wanted to touch on a couple other pieces of the puzzle here. Um, with the Simon Innovations kit, um, 00:07 we have the Accu Volume System, which lit up. This is a L C D Green Lit, uh, screen. Yeah. And it shows me my volume. Uh, I calibrate it. 00:18 It uses pressure in the tank to show me a volume really. And it is extremely accurate, much more accurate than the factory. Um, 00:27 the factory system, which is close, don't get me wrong, but I 100% now that I've used it, the Accu Volume system is way more on the money making these specific loads. 00:38 We talked about doing different things. Um, I can, I can much more accurately load the sprayer using that Accu volume system. And then on top of that, we also added the Reversing fan. Well, 00:50 I mean, go go back to that a minute. I mean, when, when we talk about some of these products that we're putting in, you know, when you're, you just talked about having seven products. Mm-hmm. Well, 01:00 those seven products can cost you 45, 40 $8. You add too much water to that or too little water to that and you don't cover the right acres and you don't have that done. What does that cost? 01:10 You done it or underdone it real quick? Yeah. All, Every time. You're one of the other because you never fall perfect. Absolutely never. 01:17 Yeah. And it's been huge because now that I, now that I truly trust the system, I mean, everybody has a tube on the side of their sprayer. And then you have, 01:25 we have this digital gauge from factory. Right. And they were always different. You, you're always kind of just saying, ah, well it's somewhere in there. 01:33 You know? How many times have you put another 50 or a hundred gallons in there? A lot. 'cause you're afraid that you're not gonna have enough to cover X field. 01:39 Absolutely. You got 25 acres you need to finish up on before we gotta travel 30 miles down the road like you and I do. Yep. On a back road with a lot of traffic. Yep. 01:48 And you don't wanna be traveling 'cause it's dangerous. So you're trying to put on exact amounts this covers it. Yeah, Absolutely. It like 01:56 That's a big safety aspect for you and me. Sa safety, money savings, I mean both of those huge aspects as far as that is concerned. I mean, knowing, 02:05 knowing that I know what's in the tank is huge. Yeah. And it also, there's another readout in the cab, 02:11 so I can see from the cab exactly what's got that. Exactly. It's counting down or it's, you know, it's taking, 02:16 it's not counting a volume out the back or anything like that. Because I've had times these things aren't brand new, 02:22 but even brand new ones do the same thing. You have leaks before the flow meter or something stupid and it doesn't count it down. Well the, the Accu Volume system, because it uses pressure, it, 02:32 it knows what's in the tank all the time. It doesn't care what, what it, it knows what went out of the tank all the time. 02:37 It doesn't have to go through the flow meter to know it's in or out of it. So if a guy, you know, 02:42 I mean just a average guy that's just gonna spray that is got any sprayer out there, we can add this not, I mean it has, it's not even tied to the, 02:51 to your lift system that you got with Simon Innovations. This is something completely different. Comp I mean, it's not even tied in. 02:59 So anybody can get this and just keep us accurate. Absolutely. And this is something we did it with the lift because, you know, just, just working, 03:05 Putting it All together with Simon. We did it all together. But I 100% plan on add to our, our machine next year. Because just like you're saying, you know, 03:12 you're more accurate, a loading, more precise spraying in the end, you know, 03:17 you're not ending up with that 50 extra gallon that you're finding a spot For. Think about where we are. Think about the amount of traffic that we have. 03:24 Yep. You got too much volume in the tank. You gotta carry it down the road to the next farm. How many times are you like, okay, I don't trust the system. I'm on such and such farm, 03:33 I'm just gonna fill the sprayer all the way up and then I'm gonna travel down the road. Yep. And then as many accidents as there are around here, 03:39 you have an accident with a bunch of hazardous material in the tank. Yep. E p a we're already in a regulated area. No, 03:48 No. And not only that, I want to get home in a hurry and these things don't let you go, uh, 35 mile an hour when you got a little more than a gallon tank. That's, 03:56 so I wanna load up and go to a farm and I wanna come back as fast as I can, you know, uh, in same deal 04:02 Guy, Send a guy. I like to get down the road, you know, and, and when I ended up with 120 gallons in the tank, 04:08 because I was like, we're talking about pushing a little more in and then I'm, I'm p****d because I'm riding down the road at 30 mile an hour when I could be 04:15 doing 35. Yeah. So what other features did you get along with the lift kit and with the, you know, this system? So 04:23 The reversing fan was the other big thing. Uh, if you're going with the lift kit, I don't even start running without it because that was huge. 04:33 The piling, oh my God. All those anthers just fill it, fill that thing up. Oh yeah. And the, the first thing on these sprayers is the hydraulic, uh, 04:41 cooler. Yeah. Hydraulic cool cooler. And that thing, I, I actually ran the lift without the reverse fan one. 'cause I was antsy. I wanted to go, you know, 04:50 and as soon as I got in corn that the tassel sat right at the grill, I choked it up. And when I put that, uh, reversing fan on it, 04:59 I can control the fan from my phone. It's, it's Bluetooth capable really. I can change the timings that it reverses in and all that rate from my phone. 05:09 I go in the field, I put it on every five minutes, I rock and roll. It keeps the, it keeps the cooling system clean. 05:15 I go to leave the field while I'm folding up or I get on my phone, change it to every hour, 30 minutes to an hour. And you know, 05:21 then it does it a time or two going down the road, how Much crap pulls out of it when you Oh my gosh. You're like, 05:26 Like, honestly, I can't believe all that's in there. Yeah. And the first time that it reversed, I thought it was gonna suck the hood in because that air's going the wrong way. 05:34 And it, I saw the hood suck in and all that air went, or all that power went poof out the front. It looked like I was blowing smoke out the front of my hood. Really? It, 05:42 it's amazing when that thing flips around, it moves a lot of air the other way. Well, that's awesome. So one more thing from Simon Innovations. Um, 05:50 this is Greg Dell. I'm Temple Rose of Extreme Ag. We'll be back to you soon.

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