One thing we really struggle to find in soybeans
7 May 232 min 15 sec

Layne Miles is checking the soybeans out at around v1-v2.  He talks about the applications so far and the one thing that they struggle to find in soybeans.

00:00 Hey guys, Lane miles here. No longer in DJ County, you know dad always gonna say Matt miles DJ County here. 00:07 Ashley County this time we're back in Ashley County dad's got a strong over about three or four different counties trying to trying to farm here and he 00:13 keeps me on my toes a little bit checking these beans out and and we're right around the V1. We're working on V2. I 00:19 could probably go out here and find a few plants that are V2. So I'm gonna say V1 and a half Roots looking pretty good. Nausea nodulations 00:26 looking pretty good. Only thing we've done so far. We've pre-plant we put out a gallon of extract. We'll come 00:33 back with a herbicide and running some teramore for stress mitigation. Everything right now man looks so far so good. I mean 00:39 I dug these roots, you know pretty deep and with my knife and I wasn't able to get all the roots. I had to we tore some off but overall they look pretty good. We got some good 00:49 fibers looking Roots really good nodulation starting up nodules are nice and pink and pretty one thing we struggle 00:55 with is finding really finding things that work in the furrow on beans, you know, we've gotten a few foliers that we we've gotten that worked. We know we've 01:04 got a load on our three with our side that works really well, but we struggle finding info and I think that is that's fairly common around our 01:14 area. I know that in Iowa in God's country where where where you know where everything works perfect and up there and 01:23 a lot long the coast that Maryland, you know stuff works up there real good. They don't have any issues or nothing to worry 01:30 about but here we struggle finding finding info as the work one thing that that we like when we're when we're looking for these products and things that we're 01:39 trying is even though we don't have any infer we still have a good root system. Now we're at we're able to put out stuff that works later in the year more in 01:47 the the reproductive stages of beans, but we do start out with a pretty good strong plant. Early in the season just because we have we do have a 01:57 good fertility system. We've got a ton ton and a half a litter that we put out maintenance no matter what so that may be where we're not finding finding much 02:07 in the furrow that that we can find something later in the season.