One of the highest increases in cotton yield we have seen
2 Jan 241 min 44 sec

Matt says his beans and corn did not yield significantly positive or negative returns, essentially breaking even, but cotton showed a notably positive outcome with the applications of Source.

00:00 So we've wrapped up our, uh, sound ag plots and got all of our data in on those. It was pretty impressive. 00:06 We think we found a bright spot on beans and corn. It was pretty much just, you know, not, not a, not a really positive return, not a negative. 00:13 It just kind of broke even. What we did find, though, is a positive spot in the cotton. We're still trying to figure this out in 00:19 the southeast here in the delta. We, we, we struggle with products working, you know, and showing a lot of positive return in the grains. 00:26 Where we are seeing some, some super positive returns on a lot of these products is in, is in our cotton. 00:32 This year was a big, bright spot with the, with the source from Sound Ag. We put it out within insect two insecticide applications, 00:39 one at Pinhead Square and one at First Bowl. You could see a difference in the cotton during the year. Uh, we thought we could see a little bit 00:45 of difference in the bowl counts in, in the, in the plot versus non-pilot. What we did see is one of the highest increases in, 00:53 in applying a product yield return. We've seen one of the highest increases we've ever seen. We got 150 pounds increase in, uh, in the cotton 01:02 where the source was applied. Now this was put in probably the worst field, uh, situation that we have. 01:07 It, it's the, the lowest yielding field cotton field we have on our farm. Uh, it's got really bad spots. 01:13 Uneven, you know, you'll be at three bales on one spot in the field and you'll be at a bale and a half in the other. 01:18 So very inconsistent field. You can pick the plot out on the yield mount, just like, I mean, a third grader could pick 01:25 the plot out on the yield mount. So, very excited about that. Uh, still wanna do some more work with it. 01:30 Still wanna try to figure out if we can make it work in, uh, in the corn and the beans. 01:35 But it is a, it is a promising product that we're looking at that we've gotten good results on the cotton.

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