One More Push
12 Sep 221 min 21 sec

It's another foliar day for Chad as he tries to get one last push for yield on his double-crop beans. He starts with a few products from SprayTec that he hopes help with pod fill.  

00:00 All right challenge Chad Henderson with extreme mag again. And here we go fogular Day times two. So we're 00:06 starting again. We did one of them. This is on double crop soybeans and we're trying to just push some limits and see if anything we can do. 00:15 Really Advanced to yield. I feel like a lot of times we just run out of daylight on our double crop beans. So we're just 00:21 trying to touch it in a few spots with normal foliator practices. The first one we done was with was that at 00:27 a v spraying five to seven and the second one here is gonna be at our fungicide timing and it's that time already and we're gonna put on today we're gonna do 00:36 several days today. We got about four five we got to do so you go see this right here in several videos, but we're gonna 00:42 do with a spray takes stuff this morning. First thing we're gonna do is full Tech Cube. It goes in with our 00:48 Fungicide and it's like a Mac or new trick package. If you will for the fungicide program and then we're gonna have some K into it because we're setting these pots and then 00:57 last but not least for us gonna get the game. If you know what we're trying to do. We're trying to make sure we feel these things for us and necessary that point so these are 01:06 three we're gonna do today. We'll keep you posted. We already got a check then we got a start one. That's 01:12 got up. That's got just the veget. Face and then we'll have this pass. So RB some good information.

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