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9 Mar 234 min 36 sec

Matt has had success with

Pivot Bio's Proven 40

product in the past as an in-furrow product, but this season he is trying it as a seed treatment. He explains why.

00:02 Hey guys, we're here today with Brandon Finch with pivot bio pivot balls one of our partners that we have with extreme Ag and we've been using this 00:11 product now for two years probably two years two to three years. Maybe three years. And you know this this is something really 00:19 important to us. It's a very sustainable product. Actually, it makes us able to reduce the nitrogen by about 40 00:25 pounds. We did the test the first year didn't reduce the nitrogen increasing yield. Did you test a second year decrease in nitrogen didn't increase 00:34 the yield but made a positive Roi so the pivot bow of something we definitely think that works something we're doing different this year is we've always 00:43 put it out as an inferior package and then we're putting it out as a sea treatment. So Brandon brought 00:49 a Trader down today and we treated 16 boxes of seed in about three hours. So we're really proud about that. We think this is 00:58 going to be a better way to put the human bow out and I'm gonna let Brandon County explain sea treatment rather than inferred as you know, what the liquid infaro there's stewardship 01:07 problems that people run into tank mix Solutions things like that. Some people don't have tanks at all. So we needed another curveball for 01:16 the guy. Doesn't have tanks or struggled with his mixture that he's putting in the trench. Yeah, when you use the on-seed 01:22 version of pivot bio you bypass all those words so you can put out traditional 10340 whatever you want the trencher if you don't have tanks at 01:31 all you have access to this technology. Yeah. What do you think? There's probably there's less than 20% of the people that run an info on our planter. Anyway, correct? Yes. I mean, it's it's really it's 01:40 in sections of the world where where we've had cotton in the past or peanuts. A lot of those type crops for people use the infer pop-up systems. So 01:49 yeah, it is a it really opened up the market about so if you want to use pivot bio, you don't have an infer or you've got an infer a treatment that that don't 01:58 drive well with pivot bow. Then you can get someone I guess there's other people out there doing this beside you and the company right? Yes. They just this 02:06 model alone. I think they issued 360 Nationwide Nationwide treatment. So so now that nobody's got excuse, right? No, excuse 02:15 if you can buy the product and you can reduce your nitrogen about 40% 02:19 you can be sustainable to the environment. You know, you can reduce costs. What what's the reason why a guy wouldn't want to do this. I like the way you stated that you 02:28 went about it because coming out of the gate no change at all last year. We we reduced by 20 units. Yeah and in the way we factored like hey, if 02:37 it does nothing at all, at least I pay for my product by what I subtracted and we saw the results we saw and this year we're going more. 02:43 This is an Roi driven product. Of course, it's also a sustainability product, you know, it's it's better for the environment. But at the end of the day, I'll measure 02:52 everything to Roi more money in in your pocket and that's what we do and we increase vitality and and the crop more biomass the plants 03:01 are healthier. There's a lot of things happening with this product. So there's a lot of reasons people need to see it and we love when 03:07 somebody wants to take a look and make a comparison. You don't see a lot of companies do that. They kind of run from 03:13 that. I'm not scared of that comparison. Yeah, because I know what I'm looking for. Yeah see something that's important to us 03:19 and extreme egg is going forward is a sustainability. For and you know if you if you can make money. 03:26 And and someone comes down helps you with the treatment. And you can be better for the environment. I 03:33 mean it almost is something kind of like, you know solar panels that makes you feel good that you're not using you know, we're not 03:39 using as much synthetic fertilizers not as much frontal. This is replacing fairlines. We're basically putting fertilize out 03:45 by putting pivot Bowen and and that's what's coming. You know, there's a lot of programs gonna come and a lot of 03:51 regulations that will come in the future that you know, I think the guy or to jump on the bandwagon now because eventually sometime down the road they're probably going to do it. Anyway. Yes, and 04:00 and I would argue that they have created a better tool to get into the car from sequestration markets. Absolutely. They will a person 04:09 would obviously want to discuss that with us one-on-one that would be hard to cover on a video but it is the oversimplified version 04:15 of the way. We should be getting carbon sequestration. Yes you that's exactly right. So you heard it first hand from Brandon Finch repeated bio. We've had 04:24 a pretty good afternoon and got to actually do something besides hang around and watch it rain. That's right. So Thank you and have a safe day. Thank you.

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