Flipping Nutrients to Improve Soil Health
29 May 241m 8s

Chad Henderson delves into the practice of flipping nutrients in soil management. The process involves ripping the ground and flipping it to redistribute nutrients, which can potentially change nutrient availability from different soil depths.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're gonna talk about a flipping some nutrients over. You know, you hear people talk about, you know, 00:06 running the breaking plow and we've, you know, been testing this and you don't really hear me talk about a lot because it's not something you can do. 00:11 You can't go out here and you're gonna work 3000 acres of corn. Let's go out here and flip 3000 acres of corn. 00:15 So, first of all, get enough folks that can run one without messing your dirt up. Second of all, get enough breaking 00:20 plows is still out there to do it. With that being said, you know, we are always testing, but right here, some ground that we've got ripped, 00:26 this is ripped ground and then we took it and broke it when we flipped those nutrients over. And as you can see there, there's some spots in it 00:33 that's got some compaction a little bit. I think that road's compaction, I think there's some other stuff going on, 00:38 but when we took the soil sample samples, we did turn the nutrients up. Like they're different nutrients from two inches, that's 12. 00:45 So that's gonna be a game changer later in the game if this don't hurt us in the front of the game. 00:49 So it's just something that we're testing, something that we're looking at. Like I said, some things we test 00:53 that we know is not continuing even put it on a big scale. But anyway, we'll see what happens. 00:59 Nutrient flipping, where do you put your nutrients, then where do you put your nutrients now? 01:04 What changes later in the game? Who knows? We'll let you know. Thank you.

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