Not As Good As I Planned
5 May 232 min 29 sec

Spring has not been off to a great start for the 2022 NCGA Yield Champion. Heavy rains have forced him to do something that he is not very proud of.  

00:00 Hey guys, Heath kutral with extreme AG on we're out here doing something. We ain't real proud of today. We're actually plowing up corn that about two 00:10 and a half weeks ago. We had about five or six inches of rain here on this Farm. It's about 300 acres. The corn isn't as good as I had planned on it to look 00:20 rotted. in the ground this road seems to look pretty good. But if you step right over here to the next row, you know, you don't hardly see any corn at 00:30 all whatsoever. So this is why we're plowing it up. There's not a whole lot here. So, like I said, we're actually just trying to get out here and 00:40 open this ground up and it's heavy still. Otherwise, we may would come in here. No tell it but we decided 00:49 not to do it and plow the corn up. Maybe try to get rid of some of this corn that still here existing. Of course that spot they're looking pretty good. 00:58 You can walk across the field and see that a lot of it is not even a stand whatsoever. So we'll just keep on 01:09 tearing this field up. and unfortunately this Farm actually was a really rich black ground that we that we 01:18 Farm we're plowing it up today and gonna try to get some sunlight on this ground. It's a little heavy as you can see. 01:28 We will try to get in here and plan it in the next day or two again. But again, unfortunately, they're called for rain 01:34 again. So we're getting to the point where we can get in here today. Yes, there was a little too wet. 01:42 And we're at the point now where we can go today. So racing the the rain again, like I was saying earlier. 01:52 And that's where we're at today again a shot that I mean proud of. But anyways, we're we're trying 01:58 to take care of business and get through this and it's getting a little late I think for planting corn here, but we're gonna We've already put all of our fertility down. So we really don't have an opportunity 02:13 to change gears at this point. But so anyways wishes luck. That's where we're heading from here. And I guess we will catch you 02:23 on the next time see.