New Tender Means a New Pump
16 Jun 231 min 45 sec

Pump problems have slowed Kelly Garrett's operation down every year. Now he has a new shiny tender truck and a new pump from

Pentair Hypro

that he really likes.  Here is why.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett Evans and Wind Grove thought that we should put together another tender truck with all of the trials we're doing, the irrigation trials, 00:07 the foliar trials, the plant trials. It just seems like that we're doing one all the time. I agreed that that was a great idea, 00:13 but I had a few things I wanted to do to make sure it stood up. Because of the trouble we've had in the past, 00:18 I wanted to make sure we had a stainless tank and I wanted to find a better pump because a cast iron pump gives us trouble with the low pH fluid, 00:25 especially if we were using plant food. My liquid byproduct in irrigation, a poly pump always seems to crack it, can't take any pressure, 00:32 anything like that. I just haven't been satisfied with any of the transfer pumps we've had around here. One day I happened to be on the phone with our friends from Penn Air, 00:39 Andy and Nick, and I'm telling 'em about the problems, and they shipped out one of their poly pumps with the Power Pro motor. They've assured me that this pump will meet our demands. It's, it's, again, 00:50 it's a poly pump, so the low pH fluids aren't gonna bother it. However, it can operate at 58 psi over any other poly pump on the market, 00:58 which is great because now it's just a two inch instead of a three inch, so we don't have as heavy of a hose when we're dragging that hose around to the 01:05 plant or the sprayer. We've got it on this new tender so far. It's working great. You know, they, 01:09 they assured me that this motor will meet any of the other motors on the industry. Top of the line will continue to work. 01:15 You know how the gas motors are, they work good for the first week or two, and then it just seems like they, you gotta run the choke or whatever it is. 01:22 They just don't have a lot of reliability. Andy and Nick are assuring me that this one's gonna have reliability. We'll follow it throughout the season, but so far it's worked great. 01:30 We'll use it for planning now. We're using it for post chemical application and the foliar trials that come with extreme ag. 01:36 Really excited for this because maybe it's gonna solve some of our problems. Thanks, Andy and Nick.

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