22 Dec 223 min 38 sec

Kevin talks about his early wheat and the program he will be using this season to try and take the Wheat Wager '23 title. 

00:00 It's December of 2022 going into our 2023 crop year. We've got about 500 Acres of soft red winter wheat planted here in Yadkin River Valley. We're kind 00:12 of overlooking it in the backdrop of the video and you see the river in the distance the tree line at the riverbank, but 00:20 Mighty cold up and the decoders right? Now. Lee's got ample amount of snow, which he is needing that moisture really good. We got to Temple roads. He's joined in 00:29 on this sweet wager deal and helping Maryland gonna be interested in boys really do a great job up there. Matt might have his work cut out for him. But I think 00:38 Chad and I was gonna hang in this thing pretty good. You know why we doing this wheat rate wager? Well, it's a 00:44 lot of fun a little bit of competition no doubt about it. But the goal is we want to grow a better product better yield 00:50 make more money and qualities King in this deal as well as yield because if you're growing will and wheat like we do if you ain't got 00:59 to Quality don't matter what the yield is. You ain't got no product to sell if you don't make money, you know winning the yield 01:05 contest ain't no good. Just don't pay to bills. What are we looking for right now? We've got some dyna-grove varieties planted right now and the wheat 01:15 planetos back at the first of October. They looked pretty good. Actually. I actually real good almost too good for 01:24 the time of year. They are which they're going dormant right now. But you know, we're coming up on winter solstice here 01:30 for long. So the dog days are going to start getting longer believe it or not and on day length and a 01:36 little more sunlight and it's gonna be interesting to see how it comes out. We're gonna get some frozen opportunities here. Hopefully in the next few weeks. 01:45 We'll get out there and put some fertilize on there. It's really important to promote all them tillers to get as many as we're wanting. That's 01:51 what we're after Matt done. Awesome job at that last year and you guys and Lady sing to yields you got so we're just gonna play this thing and we're 02:00 going to try to give you more information as we go along this year. So maybe it can help you your wheat crop or if we 02:06 make a mistake you can see what you don't want to do your Up, that's even more important actually, but thank 02:12 goodness. Chad gets to go first lots of times and I can learn from him but gonna be interesting again. We're gonna get some frozen ground. We're 02:21 gonna get some nitrogen out there. We're gonna get some phosphorus potassium. And now we're going to be putting some of our hammocks and 02:27 fovous out and trying different things different scenarios. One thing you you need to remember is you get those real cold Frozen mornings and 02:36 down where we are you can get out there lots of times, you know might not have but two or three hours to run and then you wait and do it again the next day so there's always opportunities 02:45 to get in that wheat field and make it a better crop. So just pay attention. Keep it clean keep it 02:51 healthy and and never give up on this wheat, I've noticed that's one thing Lee Loopers preaches Kelly there and 03:00 I will he's his wheat. We was looking at it just a couple weeks ago and and low and behold. I mean you had to look to see if it is actually wheat there you guys 03:09 So cold up there so much quicker. It's just interesting to challenges that y'all have you got really good dirt, but 03:15 then you got other challenges of us guys in the South absolutely just probably wouldn't know how to do anything with but it's fun to learn this together. Y'all send 03:25 questions in and ask about where we are and what we're going to do on this week crop because it's a good opportunity to make some money this year with these prices where they are. 03:33 Y'all stay safe.

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