Nearing the Finish Line
13 Sep 232 min 43 sec

Kevin is finishing out this corn and soybean crop in his AgroLiquid field day plots. Here is what he likes and what he thinks needs improvement.

00:00 Got stream ag report today on our agri liquid plots. Uh, this is our corn plot here at where we had our field day. Um, 00:08 we're, we're near the finish line on this stuff. Um, just a few growing degree units from black layer corn's coming on pretty good. Um, going to be a good crop. Uh, 00:21 probably had some a little better. Uh, we didn't get to do a lot of the fertility stuff through our irrigation that we normally do. 00:27 This here is right nice size here about, let's see here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 7 18, 19 20 00:42 around. It's a pretty good girth on the year kernels. I'd like to see a little better kernel depth and got good depth. I'd just like to see bigger kernels. I don't dunno. I one here a little further. 00:56 Typically we don't see the denting that we got this year. We got more denting this year than normal. These are a lot bigger kernels here. 01:03 You can tell the way they're packed in there. So should have some, I don't know, 300 bushel corn probably is about what we got right here. 01:11 I don't see it being a whole lot higher than that. Maybe some three 2340s, but we'll see Asset at a 36,000 population, 01:21 not a bad year. Soybeans, pretty excited about them. We're still pushing them. Um, probably going to put, uh, 01:29 another half gallon on the capitalize on with a drone. Uh, I'm hoping real soon this week they'll get them on where the tail end. 01:37 We've got some real big beans in here. We wanna just keep pushing 'em to see what we can get out of them. But, um, we got three different replicated plots in here, uh, 01:48 on 70 acres of plots on just the soybeans. Trying to find that right agri liquids, combination only soybeans here in the south. See how it works out. 01:58 Really good branching on the plants. A lot of, a lot of fruiting nodes, a lot of pods, but um, I don't know. 02:05 We'll see how high in the hundreds they go where it's normally we're in the low one hundreds on this farm, so hopefully it'll be a little better than that. 02:14 Anyhow, just a real quick update here. We got the combines rolling north of here, picking corn and um, we desiccated some soybeans this morning and that kind of tells you where we are 02:25 on the tail end. But, uh, that was not irrigated land and it tends to hold on a lot shorter than what our irrigated, 02:33 our irrigated just holds on so much better and that's why we get a lot better yields. Y'all stay safe.

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