Managing Fertility Budgets and Strategies for Top Corn Yields with XtremeAg
14 Mar 244m 3s

Tackling the dynamics of corn at $4, $6, and $8, Chad Henderson talks about finding the sweet spot between ambitious yield goals and fiscal wisdom, with a spotlight on the role of soil testing and targeted nutrient use in maximizing yields.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag, and here we are. We come in today 00:05 and we've got a, some things going on that's probably not real pleasurable at all, but we're talking about some $4 corn, $6 corn, $8 corn. 00:12 Where do you fit your budget at? How does it work? What do you do to understand which way you're going? I come by this agro liquid boots to settle this once 00:21 and for all because is it the fact that we're gonna make high yields? Are we just gonna blow the bin top off, 00:26 or are we going to lay up and just, just chip it on in? Which one would you do? Man? Chad, I'm gonna tell you though, you mentioned $4, 00:34 $6, $8. Did you check your phone? You're closer to $4. And so I'm sitting here looking at that environment today, and I'm going, how are you going to afford 00:46 fertilizer at all? So you don't think I can put another star down here at $4? I don't think so. I I think you might put yourself out 00:53 of business going for these stars this year. All right. Anyway, I'm gonna talk to Stephanie now because, you know, we ain't hearing none of that. 00:59 So I think there's opportunity, and that's my concern. I wanna be cautious that we're, we're still in business in years to come, 01:04 but we need to make sure we're pushing that top yield. You wanna, you know, be the top yield. Again, you wanna reach for that. 01:09 And so we need to make sure we're still managing that and adding those nutrients on in season to make sure we can get every last bushel we 01:16 could possibly get, you Know, with a, with that being said, you know, it's still the same goal in mind. 01:21 We all know as farmers, we have a $4. Seriously, we have a $4, we're looking at a $4 budget aren't. Mm-Hmm. 01:27 We are. And, And we wanna know what it's gonna take to do that. How do you, how do you balance the dry, 01:32 we're a liquid company here. How do we balance the dry, the liquid, whether do we do micros, whether, how about 01:39 how much end do we cut back seed's a given budget? We can't just quit planting. What's the game plan? I think looking at a soil test 01:46 and good agronomics is where it all starts. You need to look at a soil test, figure out what nutrients you need and then where you can cut back. 01:53 Chad, that scares me a bit. I mean, I, I'm not sure what Stephanie, something about there. I looked at a soil test for a guy the other day in Kentucky 02:00 and I added up what it told him to put on it was over $300 an acre. I don't think that guy be in business. 02:06 He does that. So I'm, I'm pretty sure at that $4 range, whoop me if I'm wrong, but I'm somewhere around a $200 fertility budget. 02:13 Is that not right? Is that what you're, That would probably be the neighborhood you should be in. If we're penciling that in then at, 02:21 let's say 200 bushel, right? Yep. Well then we just go ahead and make three. Perfect. See yeah. 02:27 Easily. But what are you gonna do if you push those chips in and mother nature throws you a curve ball? 02:32 I mean, you're, you're gonna put at $4 corn, you're gonna push you in chips for 300 bushels acre. What if 02:37 You, your gas hands wrong, you run outta gas. What if I'll hike to the station? I guess I'm gonna hike to the bank, I guess. 02:46 But seriously, we do have to manage that. How are we gonna do it? We're gonna do it this year. We're gonna show y'all that. We're gonna put a lab in $4, 02:54 $6, $8 corn field day, May 16th. We're gonna have that in the ground. We're gonna have the signs up. 03:01 I'm gonna let you know everything we're gonna do the budget from start to finish, whether it's gonna get 03:06 anything in the herbicide, whether it's gonna get one wide drop, two wide drop, two wide drops, 03:10 $8 corn, five wide drops. I'm just saying there's a balance here to it. And we gotta figure that balance out as farmers, as y'all, 03:18 as salespeople, as y'all as fertility. You've gotta figure the balance out. And I agreed it starts as a soil test. Agreed. 03:25 That we can't just throw the kitchen sink at it. Where's the balance? Yeah. So we're gonna have that field day, 03:30 we're gonna debate this some more, aren't we? Oh, It's gonna go out here. It's, We're gonna get a look and see what's the 03:35 right way to go a little bit. Yep, yep. And more corn. The corn will be small, you know, we'll look at corn, you know, may it'll be waste time. 03:41 Nah, you know. But anyway, we'll have corn this big. We'll do some root digs. We'll see where we're at. But it's going to be a good time. It's gonna be a good time. 03:50 And we're going to put, me and Stephanie are going to put the kitchen sink to some Put, I feel like it's two against one here, 03:57 but we'll see at the end of the year.

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