Name One Thing I Can Try
14 Jun 230 min 58 sec

Kelly might have an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions he gets asked by XtremeAg followers.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. One question that's frustrating to all of us at extreme Ag from other growers is, what's one thing we can try? Because there isn't one silver bullet. 00:08 It's a systems approach. Well, I'm excited about this corn because now I might be able to give that answer. Architect from Ag Explorer, it's a new product. 00:16 It's a 10 55 with micros and GABA in it, which is a pgr stress reducing hormone. First of its kind, an EPA registry that you have a nutritional P G R. 00:26 When I talk about trying to balance my ground from a chemistry perspective, I need micronutrients. 00:31 When I talk about adding a pgr to make the plant grow more efficiently and reduce stress, 00:35 I'm talking about A P G R GABA and I've got nine things in my inferral program. This eliminates four of 'em. First year we've had it, we've got a lab on it, 00:43 doing a trial. The corn looks great and I'm excited because if this works out as we hope next year, if a grower says me, what's one thing I can try? 00:52 I hope I can confidently say architect.

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