More Things Kelly Gets Asked About Selling Carbon Credits
23 Jul 222 min 53 sec

In the 3rd installment of Demystifying the Carbon Credit Process, Kelly addresses a few more of the questions he is commonly asked about his experience of turning carbon credits into another profit center. In this video Kelly answers questions about his farming practices and the credibility of the buyers.

00:00 This is Kelly Garrett here with a field report on carbon. I get asked a lot of questions about the 00:06 carbon markets that I'm involved in. One of the first ones most common one is did I change my farming practices to 00:12 be involved in a carbon Market? I did not I really believe that the more carbon we can put in the soil is better for our yields carbon is the most important nutrient 00:22 most important element that we have. You don't hear a lot about that in ag retailer things like that because it's it's really hard for someone to sell you carbon when 00:31 we conduct it through the magic of photosynthesis. So no I did not change my farming practices. I continue to look for ways to become more efficient and 00:40 get more and more carbon in the soil all times but it has nothing to do with the carbon Market. I'm involved it. The reason I became involved in the carbon Market is to 00:49 be honest with you. I thought it sounded like pretty easy money that that's really the truth. That's it because carbon is 00:55 the basis of all life and that's that's the reason I farm the way I farm The credibility of the buyers is the money going to be good when you're dealing with. 01:03 Operation like trutera and they're backed by Land O Lakes if that isn't an organization with a lot of credibility. I don't know. I don't 01:12 know which one would be. So no, I I feel that being involved with trutera is the most solid place I can 01:18 be and that's the reason I'm there a new question that has come up that I find pretty fascinating and a great question is 01:24 What do I keep doing to stay new in the sustainability regenerative space? You know what new practices am I bringing in? I'm trying to reduce my nitrogen because 01:33 of the cost of what I think my anhydrous and liquid nitrogen will be I'm looking for ways to lower it and 01:41 You know, I believe that true Terror and other carbon markets will come out. There's Rumblings of a place that's coming out for nitrogen reduction 01:47 programs. I'm really interested in those but but I'm not going to reduce my nitrogen to chase these dollars. I'm wanting to reduce my nitrogen because 01:56 I think it'll be better for the biology of the soil and you know, the price of anhydrous like I said is 02:04 Pretty high based on the history of my farming career. So I'm looking for ways to do that through my cover crops and then always, you 02:10 know, we need to bring up Source from sound day, you know another sponsor another partner of extreme AG all five of us are using Source from 02:19 sound egg. We're excited to do it and we're hoping that we can't it will lead to nitrogen reduction and that we will be able to maintain our yield levels 02:28 or even bring them up because of a split application of nitrogen be at Elemental from source. So that's one of the that's the main new thing. I'm doing 02:37 in my sustainability space is trying to find ways to reduce my nitrogen my synthetic nitrogen, but come up with elemental Elemental or organic ways 02:46 to replace it. Thanks.

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