More Questions Kelly Is Asked About Carbon Credits
10 Jun 221 min 44 sec

Kelly is back in the tractor cab answering a few more frequently asked questions about the carbon credit process. In this video, he talks about the contract length and how he chooses which carbon marketplace companies to work with.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I get asked a lot about the contract that I signed when I sold my carbon credits. I've had any concerns over it. 00:09 You know, the the length of the contract seems lengthy to some people, you know, if it's a five-year contract or 20 year 00:15 contract, but it didn't bother me because all that contract really means is are you gonna continue these farming practices if you lose the Farm sell 00:24 the farm or retire? That's okay. The people buying your credits just want to know are you continuing these farming practices that you are today when we 00:35 gave you this money so I don't have any concern. It isn't my nobody's out to get anybody. Nobody's trying to make it look bad. They just want to know what farming 00:44 practices are continuing on that lane. It's Not a scary as it sounds when people say a 20-year contract. It's it's nothing to be skeptical or cautious of just 00:54 interested to know about your farming practices. Another question. I get asked a lot is how did 01:00 I decide who to work with was it just Financial waste, you know and I I chose your Tara and the 01:06 money was part of it because they offered more than anybody else around that I knew of but the 01:12 other reason ever been through Tara is because they're backed by land. O' lakes and anybody that has an association or 01:18 relationship with land of lakes a company that's been around for years and years Sterling reputation. Give me 01:24 a lot of security and that was probably a bigger Factor than the money is why I worked with it. I think the carbon Market space is the Wild Wild West 01:30 and working with a secure long lasting company that's been around for a long time that meant a lot to me and meet your chair and Easy Choice.

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