How Chad Mixes Dry Boron
19 Jun 241m 3s

Chad uses a lot of boron, and always includes it in his Y-drop passes. Here is how he effectively mixes dry boron.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag. We're here, I'm doing a little wide dropping and I was just gonna give a tip 00:05 that's helped me along the way and most of y'all probably already got this 'cause I'm always seems to be the last one in line 00:11 to get something, you know what I'm saying? So, you know, we use a lot of boron and, and to get, keep from getting outside our money range, a lot 00:17 of times we use a lot of dry water. You know, it comes in bags and it's either two or three companies make it. 00:22 You can get it out of several places. But to do that, you know, the mixing is always the issue. It's always the issue. So 00:28 what we've done is run a two inch line off of our pump, our three inch pump, and we run it around there, you know, and put it a top right. 00:33 But when we kick that sucker on, you'll see it. It's got a good blend. So it's literally as fast you can pour it in and it's cleaned it up. 00:39 So don't forget your boron when you're making your wide drop passes. Don't forget some more phosphorus baby, possibly. 00:44 Surely yes. Don't forget a touch a K. Yes, surely yes. Don't forget the humic. You know, we need the helix. It helps cushion sugars, you know. 00:52 So these are several things that you can use in your wide drop that will help you on your way 00:56 to making a successful corn crop.

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