Mitigating Stress In His Cotton Plot
12 May 234 min 29 sec

Matt just finished planting his cotton trial for

Loveland Products

. He is focused on mitigating stress and getting the in-furrow fertility just right.

00:00 Hey guys, we're out here today in Ashley County. I just got through planning our Loveland. Lab what this will consist of is is a 00:09 30 Acres of different leveling products. They design these products of piggyback with other applications that we're making cotton. So that makes it really easy to to apply 00:19 them and they're affordable prices in it and and and they make yield so we're really excited about the plot. 00:25 Like I said 30 Acres of product versus a 10 acre grower standard practice. So we took our normal grower standard practice up against the products that we have out here accomplished mags 00:35 and Altura being the first thing in Pharaoh. So we have a court of accomplishments. The cops Max is a 00:41 product. I've tried two years ago and got some big results on Cotton last year. We had a lot of different things go on and and probably didn't shine as 00:51 much as what I hope you did your previous. So this year, you know, we're hoping it kicks. But I've Got a Friend down here that I text him earlier today 01:00 and I said man you're corn is on his spot on and he said to accomplishment is really doing This year so we're excited about accomplish Max this like 01:09 I said, this will be our third year to use it accomplish. Max is a combination of metabolites enzymes and kept the 01:16 kelpiece being the stress mitigation part here at extreme AG. If one thing we hadn't learned these stress mitigators are making a big difference. So, you know, we're excited about the 01:26 kelp in there. One of them was accomplished in the max. I think the max is when they added the kept to it the metabolites and enzyme piece 01:33 of it is to literally mineralize the nutrients that are out there and try to make those better. We also have a gallon and a half of Altera on 01:43 this Altura is a combination of phosphorus and zinc products so That's something that you know, a lot of people kind of get hesitant when 01:54 they're trying when they're planting cotton trying to put fertility in in Furrow too much of a good thing is too much. 02:01 I can tell you on cotton seed you can hurt germination. If you get too much you can do that almost with any crop other than possibly corn. We've had really 02:10 good results out of inferior fertility and you know stress mitigation on Cotton. So this is a trial on 40 acres. We'll have 02:20 a check there 10 acres and and 30 Acres of product. So loved ones been really good. They're one of the Pioneers in the in the foyer mitigation type world 02:29 and we'll really happy to be able to use these products and they've been very successful. I can show you 02:35 plants last year. We're treating an untreated and you can just look at the plants and see that there was a difference in 02:41 the health of the stock in the south. Especially the Deep South like we are, you know stress mitigations and the majority of the times going to be heat and 02:50 it really seems to shine in the heat. So really seems to shine on Cotton from what we've seen in the past. So we'll have three more applications on this trial in for 03:00 being the first piece will have a folio go out and we'll have a wide drop product go out products go out and then we'll have a fungicide also and fungicide is 03:10 something that's been relatively new to Cotton. I fought that for a long time finally had a company did a 03:17 trial with more than paid for itself just in Target spot alone. There's a lot of questions out there for fungicide works or don't work on Cotton, but we feel like the data 03:27 we've seen over the last three years. It's made a difference. So will these products all be piggyback with applications that we're already making that's what makes it easy. We 03:36 run Vellum for a root not nematode in Furrow. So being able to put in for a package together is is pretty easy. 03:44 Same thing with foliers. We'll go over this cotton. I don't know at least eight nine ten times this year me and 03:51 cotton have a love-hate relationship because of the fact of how many passes we have to make but so it's real easy to get products 03:58 in there. We probably see more benefit. yield increase from adding products to Cotton 04:07 then we have almost anything, you know, we get benefit out of in a corn we get benefit out of it on on soybeans. We're working with it on Rice. We think we're getting a good benefit there. But 04:17 cotton will really shine with with some of the products that we're using from Loveland. So stay tuned for more.

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