Mid-Season Wheat Seed Treatment Comparison
10 Feb 231 min 11 sec

It's about mid-season for Chad's wheat crop and it is time for an update on how the wheat that received the 


 Seed Treatment is performing against the untreated strip.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme Maggie. We're gonna give update on this spray Tech seed treatment 00:06 on her wheat here. You know, we've we talked about it before and we've been giving y'all updates on it. So, it's February the 00:12 4th. We're out here in our wheat, and let's look at a little bit of Wheat and we see if we can see any difference. But this just a mid-season check 00:18 on it. So we're walking up up to it and you can see the flag there. And go straight through the field but on the left is 00:25 untreated and on the right is treated so we'll get a little closer look. So we should still be on the road kind of 00:33 in the middle of it. Right. Here's the rose to split and so we see a little bit of color difference before, you 00:41 know, if you'll remember it was kind of taller. And you can see a little bit to it. It looks like it's still a little bit taller on this side than it is on this side of spray 00:50 Tech is over here. untreated over here, but we'll take it to yield and that's where it say. It ain't all about green and ain't all about half. 01:00 It's all about what we make it to end. But we'll see where we at. Stay tuned.

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