Meeting Their Match In His The River Bottom Fields
12 May 230 min 44 sec

Chad has had some success in the past with


 Corn Seed, but now he is putting them to the real test in his river bottoms.  Stay tuned.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Magnum coming to you from the cab. Today. We're just doing a little planting still planting 00:06 corn. But if you'll see we down here in these River bottoms, so we kind of wait on them and look at the forecast and see what 00:12 we got up. But we put that Integra in the game. So no Integrity their sponsor bars, of course, but we've traveled in for last 00:22 couple years. They've done good in our trials matinims had them in their trials have done well, which and Kelly's had some NCGA wins 00:28 with them, you know, so they've done well across the board and we're gonna put them in the game down here in the river bottom. See what they think about 00:34 that. They definitely up to a challenge. We'll see if they meet their match with the old River Bottom.

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