Matt's New Sweet Corn Planter
21 Apr 233 min 6 sec

Matt is planting his community sweet corn plant and testing his new plot planter at the same time.  He also has a message for Chad Henderson.

00:00 Hey guys, I just won't do a little quick video today. Oh, this is something we kind of shoot a little bit of every year. 00:06 We're actually planting our little community garden. We plant sweet corn. I say Garden, but we plant sweet 00:12 corn. Kind of just use this corn for everything from employees to just different people and Community, you know, we always seem to everybody. Thanks a farmer takes 00:22 and we like to give back. So we're doing this. So everybody have a little sweet corn this year. thing about it is if 00:31 You see we're running our new our new old planner. So we took an arrow planter and 00:36 completely cut it down stripped it down all the guys in the shop. Completely revamped it this Planter's gonna be able to 00:43 help us plant test plots and also things like sweet corn. But what's it's gonna be I'm probably most important. I was 00:52 anything so we go to a field in this 80 acre field. There's two acres that's too wet that Planters got to plant that going to 00:58 the next farm with this planter. We'll be able to leave it hooked up with this tractor all planting season going there two 01:04 or three days later when the when the grounds dry and feel those spots in so instead of having to wait on 80 acre field for a quarter 01:10 of an acre we'll be able to take this planter and going there Philly and spots blank spots places that we forget to, you know, something happens. 01:19 There's always some kind of problem where something happens today. We're using it for the sweet corn. We got a pretty hot 01:25 fertility dose in under these bands here and hopefully we'll have a good crops. One of the things that I've kind of I really think is cool. You 01:35 know last year. We've got a food pantry here McGee and you know, there's a lot of food that's donated to the food pantry to to help the less forces people that 01:44 don't have the money to buy food and last year we were able to take two complete truck loads of the sweet corn up there 01:50 and man, I don't think it lasted maybe an hour or something like that. So I think that's really cool. The reason why 01:56 we're planning to sweet corn today is this is the only place we could find drive. So, you know, when everything 02:02 else is too wet don't find your high heels and that's what this is a high heel. It's at our green being facilities. We built the green beans. So it's a really dry place to 02:11 get started with and we get to try out our new planet, you know, everybody always talks about Mister Chad Henderson 02:17 and how he's kind of one of our our best planner guru's you know, I think he works on his planner probably about 10 months a year plus two months a year 02:26 and sometimes the night you'll get up out of bed. You'll go work on his planner. You know, sometimes I think he dreams about working on Planters and how 02:33 to tweak them and make them better and I'm gonna just say many many. No thanks to you Chad Henderson because you 02:39 were supposed to be in November to help me with this planner December to help me with this planner January to help 02:45 me with this planner every way to help me with this planner and we ended up having to do it all in the shop by ourselves. So if 02:51 it don't work like a chat Henderson planner, he and I decided last year. We were gonna be able to four row Chad Anderson planner if it don't work like a Chad Henderson front planner. It's 03:00 not my fall.

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