When To Apply Fertility?
21 May 243m 17s

Matt is in one of his June 27th field day plots talking about how he decides when to apply fertility at the right time.

00:00 So we're standing in our agri liquid plot here in our field day field. We're gonna have June 27th, 00:04 and I hope some of y'all have the opportunity to come. One thing that's kind of cool about agri liquids is, you know, they got a great team there, 00:11 but when they come to you to sell you a product, it's not just about the product. They want to know what your soil test look like. 00:17 And, and I will say this, if there's any company that's selling you products that's not asking you for a soil test, uh, if it's a fertility product, 00:24 you probably need to ask them to maybe go on down the road and find someone that 00:27 that should be the number one thing they ask you is what your soil looks like. It's, it's kind of like trying 00:32 to go in a muddy field without a four wheel drive, you know, with a two wheel drive if you ain't got the, the information 00:37 or the equipment to get the job done. And, you know, all fertility's not the same. You know, nitrogen's different than potassium. 00:43 Phosphorus is different than zinc. You know, to know what you've got, you've almost, you know, you've gotta have soil test. 00:48 The field we're standing in here now has been outta production for about over 50 years. We were fortunate to buy the old John Deere dealership 00:55 and bring our operation all into one spot. And with that we get, we ended up with this, this field right here, uh, by the shop. 01:02 So what we decided is turn it into a field day plot. Everything's right here. We dug a well, got a new well here and start. 01:08 So we started from basically scratch. Even if you've been farming a field a hundred years, or your family's been farming a field a hundred years, 01:15 every two to three to four years, you're gonna need a soil sample to see what's going on. The more yield you bring off the field, 01:21 the more fertility you're taking away. Uh, you know, that's something we look at a lot for removal rates. 01:25 And if you're making 80 bushel beans, you're gonna take off a lot more potassium than if you're making 40 bushel beans. 01:30 So, you know, if you hit a few good years in the middle of that, you're, you're staying with a standard program 01:35 and you double your yield or, or go up 20%, you know, for two or three year span. Then there's something, you know, you're, 01:40 you're taking more fertility off. So soil tests are crucial. We do like tissue tests as well, that gives us some kind 01:47 of idea of what the plant's gonna need in the future. You know, if a guy's selling you a micro pack, all micro packs are not a catchall. 01:53 So you've got, there's certain stages of each crop, like corn. Demand curve at V five is gonna be different than the demand 02:00 curve for soybeans. At R three, know your growth stages. Know what your usage, you know, 02:04 your demand curve is for the crop at that time. And then by that micro pack that, that fits that plant for that time. 02:10 Kevin Matthews says all the time, you know, we're managing plants now, not acres. And that's a big part of it. 02:16 A tissue sample will give you a guide. It's definitely not the Bible, but neither is a soil test either, 02:21 but it's the best we've got to work with. You know, Kelly Garrett does SAP tests. I think they're a little more advanced and, 02:25 and can predict more forward than a tissue test can, you know, we're looking at some of that also, but I think one of the number one goals that you can have, 02:33 you know, I always say a stand is the number one goal. If you don't like your stand, you're not gonna like your yield. 02:38 And I think even before that comes the soil test. You've got to know what you're dealing with, the soil you're dealing with, and what the demand 02:45 for that crop is. You take the demand for that crop, your soil test values, you do the math, and that's the amount 02:51 of fertility you have to put out behind it. So just a little tidbit of information. And I think the Agri Liquids plot, 02:56 this could be Kelly's plot. Nope, I think this is gonna be Galen's plot. We're standing in. So Galen, I'm gonna give you an a plus 03:06 for what your corn looks like. Uh, what you put on here for the field day plot's in pretty good shape. Y'all have a good day.

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