Matt Wants More Calcium in His Cotton Plants at Full Boll Load
10 May 232 min 36 sec

When it comes to cotton, getting calcium into the plant has always been a challenge for Matt Miles. His focus in this


 trial is to show more calcium in the plant at season end. 

00:00 Hi guys. I know it seems like we're rolling out a lot of cotton videos all of a sudden but this year we've reduced 00:06 our cotton acres to a little less than 600 acres. So there's a lot going on in a short amount of time. We're here 00:13 today in our Agri liquids plot. We have a lab in the rice, and we've got one in a cotton. 00:20 This lab's gonna consist of 40 acres with eventually before this thing's oh width will have four ten acre blocks of 00:29 different things. We're doing one being grower standard practice in three being different scenarios of chemicals that will 00:35 use through the cotton year to begin with though. We're starting with our infer right as a Planters running now, it's 00:41 gonna be 10 acres of grower standard practice, which is got a fertility products in it and our nematode root not nematode control 00:51 and our trip control for as a cotton comes up to keep trips off of it. So a little bit of fertility there the other 30 acres has these agril 01:01 liquid products piggyback on to our grower standard practice. So if y'all ever heard anything from Kelly gear 01:09 If you ever hear him talk anywhere. I really think the man has liberate calcium in his cereal every morning when he when he gets up. So liberate calcium. 01:19 That's that's a new buzzword with with some extreme AG with Kelly Garrett Kelly Garrett and dire needs of calcium. So we you know, 01:29 Molly and I talked about this. I really wanted to see calcium in our plot. 01:34 We tend to at the end, you know by the end of the season we get heavy bolo. I don't know that I've ever had a tissue sample 01:40 that has not been low in calcium. So that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a bolo tissue sample on Cotton that the calcium is that 01:50 sufficient to maybe above sufficient. So hopefully the liberate calcium is gonna be what does that so on 20 acres? We've got the liberate calcium microf500 and 02:01 fully and then on 10 acres. We pull the liberate calcium out then the last 10 acres will be growing standard practice without any 02:08 of these products. There will be more replications of the year goes on. That's one thing about a cotton lab is you know, we're going over 02:15 these fields multiple multiple times. So there's every kind of opportunity to put new, you know 02:22 new fertility or new products out. So stay with us through the season and we're going to hopefully show you what a good cotton crop looks like

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