Testing the Limits of Soybean Growth at Matt's Field Day
29 Apr 240m 45s

Matt just finished planting his Send It Plot for his June 27th Field Day. This new section is packed with an array of applications to push the growth boundaries.

00:00 Alright guys, we just got through planting our soybean plot for the extreme Ag Field Day. 00:04 See the flags of the different partners that's in it. We've got a new addition to this plot that lane and I decided to put in last minute, so I had 00:11 to change all the flags up a little bit. We have the send it plot here. Now this is a new addition 00:15 to the Miles Farm Extreme Ag Field Day. This thing's gonna have so many groceries on it that it's gonna be hard to keep up with. 00:22 We literally may have this, this, this 12 rows die, but when y'all get here, if it's still alive, then you'll get to see a plot. 00:29 We tried to kill basically with too much stuff. Extreme Ag Steel soybean.

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