Calibrated Agronomy
27 Jul 231 min 5 sec

Kelly talks about what will be in his fungicide pass and how he is managing nitrogen in his crop. 

00:00 Windrow and I are out here scouting corn. We're obviously getting close to vt. We're checking for disease. 00:05 We're checking for bugs because we're about to make our fungicide pass. We're deciding everything that we wanna put in the past. Of course, 00:10 there'll be some fungicide in there. Uh, there will most likely be an insecticide on some acres. Not all. There will be some potassium. There'll be some micronutrients, 00:19 and of course for us, there'll be source from sound Ag in there. We're big on reducing our synthetic nitrogen and source helps the ground 00:27 release the nitrogen that has mineralized. Naturally, I believe that farmers are over applying nitrogen. Not enough nitrogen in your plant is a problem. 00:37 Too much nitrogen in your plant is a bigger problem. I know that's hard for growers to hear, but we validated it on our farm. We continue to turn down our synthetic nitrogen sources become a big part of our 00:48 program. We're trying to calibrate the plant. Calibrated agronomy is a term that Windrow has come up with. I really like it. We are turning down the nitrogen, we're turning up the carbon, the sulfur, 00:58 the micronutrients, and we're seeing great benefits in our crops.

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