Making Things Simple
22 Apr 231 min 8 sec

Temple is losing his mind this planting season. But, he found something that is helping him simplify things on his tender trailer.

00:00 Hey guys, Temple Ridge here. You know, I don't know about a Temple's tips or whatever. But you know right now we're dumping in some dry sugar 00:09 and we're mixing it with a little bit of water and Chad Henderson told me that this is gonna make my life easier and right now this time of year. I'm losing my 00:18 mind can't get anything running right? I think the whole time that I put my planner away and I went across these Planters, you know from front to 00:27 back all that. I feel like somebody was using it the whole time. It's wore out already. I think that's what it feels like because I can't get it 00:36 going. Anything to make your life simpler this one product that I'm going to talk about. It's made my 00:43 life easier said Thank you Chad Henderson. I'm using the dry mmts sugar from Teva this year and I'm just putting bags on my my chemical 00:52 trailers instead of one more shuttle. I'm tired of all these shuttles. Sometimes we've got too many on our trailers anything to 01:01 make your life simpler is what I'm all about be back to you soon.

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