Pushing Boundaries with Double Crop Beans
9 Jul 241m 21s

Chad Henderson shares insights on optimizing double crop bean yields. This year, they are experimenting with Hopper Throttle from Meristem, which has shown promising results in emergence and root mass development.

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00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we going to talk about some double crop beans. You know, we, uh, we've tried a lot 00:06 of things over the last 10 years to really push the boundaries on these double crop beans. Everything from putting urea out, putting, uh, 00:13 28 0 0 5 out early, uh, prior to planting or well prior to emergence. How about that? There's a lot 00:19 of fertility things we've tried this year. We're diving deep into this hopper throttle from maim. It's done good so far in emergence. 00:27 It looks like it's getting a bean outta the ground faster than the other ones. We're definitely seeing a better root mass, so anything 00:32 to do that with is gets, gets us off to a good start. And when these double crops has gotta come outta the ground screaming, that's the whole point of it 00:39 because we know that the longer they're in the ground, then we're losing bushels a day. Yeah, that's right. I guarantee it's from half a bushel 00:46 to a bushel a day that you're losing every time this thing is in the ground and longer it stays. 00:51 So we got these planted. This is probably the earliest I've ever planted. These was planted May the 31st right here. 00:56 They come outta the ground pretty good. We've planted them in some moisture and then we got a good rain af behind it. 01:02 So we're expecting some good yields out of these, but the mare stem product has done well for us on that part of it. 01:09 So we'll keep you posted on this hopper throttle. We'll let you know how it turns out. 80 bushel bears. But we'd like to break, see if we can break 01:14 that 80 bushel barrel on double crops. Thank you.

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