Making pH Adjustments
7 Oct 221 min 33 sec

Part of Chad's post harvest routine is to soil sample and then make pH adjustments to his soil. Chad talks about his target range and his method of choice for making adjustments to his soil. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and you know, we're hauling line today. So, you know here we are 00:06 putting out some lime and you know, we're always talking about it extreme agricult, you know foliers or Planters or other things. But today we're gonna 00:15 talk about pH, you know, it all starts with ph so don't forget in your and after you get your crop out to pull your soil samples. Look at 00:24 those take it take a careful consideration on what you got going. What is what what you were missing and to focus in on you know, your pH and 00:33 the things you need to do in the fall and lime is very important process that I wish we could get dolomatic line, you know, but in our area, you know, everybody wants 00:42 something they can't get you know, so in our area we're we're a low mag. Hi Cal and a lot of other areas there hi mag local, but that's what we've 00:51 got is again low mag. And hi Kale. So this is okay. I'll see him acidic land and we'll Target somewhere around that six five. 01:00 Says well, we'll Target and we'll just put this lime out. This is a real fine line this a premium line they call it. 01:08 Is what we're putting out is good shape. They I was watching them make it and they bringing it right out dump it in truck and put it in the 01:14 field. I'll get it spread before it gets rained on which is exactly what we want to do. But again, don't forget pH 01:20 it all starts there. If it's if your pH is wrong nothing else is gonna work. So get your pH right then head into everything else. So yeah.

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