Low Maintenance 2x2 for His Bean Rows

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8 Mar 231 min 45 secPremium Content

Temple is in the shop this week working on a few upgrades to his bean planter.  His goal? Eliminate all of the "wear" parts on his row unit. In this case he shows mechanism he made for his planter to band soybeans. 

Hey guys, it's Temple ruse from extreme mag here. We're changing some things up on the planner and we're adding two by two on the back of our our Bean Rose today. We've always had it on here, but we changed in some things up. We had some. Constant problems with it, but we retrofitted and we've changed some things up. So here's one of my songs. There's Temple. Here's Alexander. Here's the pretty look at that smile boy. So what we're doing here is is these are the this is the two by two. There's a front there's cornrows up there and we've added on to this thing because we've had trouble in here. How's everybody hanging boy? So we've had trouble with this one where it won't come back for this is something that we made it stainless steel. It cuts down ease, you know, it makes everything a lot easier for what we're trying to accomplish what we're trying to accomplish is is you know, no fuss no must hurry up get things done. You know, we all get in a rush. And but this takes out one other element this element that it takes out for us is the ease of putting on fertilizer and we're Banning as you can see, you know, talk about sustainable agriculture. We're banning all of our fertility on our corn and our Bean Rose as we go across the field Banning for fertility means efficient putting it on this way actually cuts down on labor for us because what it does for us is it we have no bearings we have no problems. Nothing to bend up nothing to tear up. You know, it's just putting stainless steel right out the back. So be back to you guys soon. Just wanted to give you a little visit of what we're doing on the farm today. Yeah. I'm in trouble with that ranch on there. Put it on there better.

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