1 Dec 221 min 30 sec

Kevin talks about the difference he is seeing on the corn that received


 C-CAT and

Agrotech USA's

 Nutricharge versus the corn that did not. 

00:00 So we're out here tonight. We're picking corn. We got a decaf variety two different Planters running in this field. We had a normal program then 00:09 we added ccat from Teva and we added neutral charge and it's pretty interesting. 00:18 It's running. I mean same field same population same hybrid everything the same except those two and this 00:27 corn had sideway on it as well and the two but two it's a 16 to 20 bushels just as amazing better where 00:38 we use the ccat and combination with a neutral charge. But as this is pretty fun. It's really good corn. 00:46 200 plus bushel corn on this plan here in Piedmont North Carolina had a lot of good rain, but every acre got the same 00:55 kind of rain pretty much on this field. So that just tells you what the product separation is, but it just shows you 01:02 doing these little extra things what they can do and we had some other Parks when we're done smart Farm applications on and it significant bushels 01:11 air. So it's it's just it's I don't know just learned and learn and learned on this stuff and converted that down and press 01:20 it. It might no more fertilize and get that 16 bushels as pretty cool. young stay safe

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