Taking Your Sprayer To New Heights!
28 Jul 234 min 10 sec

You have a choice when it comes to late season applications on corn, sorghum, or sunflowers: Run your sprayer and accept the fact you’re going to snap off a percentage of the tall crop, or hire an aerial applicator.  Now you have a third option: A lift kit for your sprayer that will give you an extra 18 inches or more.  Watch this if you’re looking for another tool in your tool box for late season applications.  

00:00 Do you suffer from a low sprayer height problem? Chances are you do because if your sprayer is just like the one I'm walking under, that's maximum height, Johnny Rell, you change that. 00:11 This sprayer actually is four inches higher than would be normal cuz you put bigger tires on it. Talk to me about height and why it matters. And so for us, 00:19 we're trying to figure out ways that we can spray our crop late season, the corn crop late season. And we use an airplane when we can, 00:25 but a lot of times getting an airplane into the fields, the smaller fields we have and around residential areas, we were trying to come up with ways that we could get that late season spraying 00:33 in. And the best way we came up with, with Simon innovation with their lift kit. All right, so normal height on a sprayer like this, 00:39 this is your sprayer we're in your tool shed right now is about 60 inches. That's right. 00:43 This is actually a little taller than that cuz you changed out and retrofitted your tires to get more Yeah. Uh, tall tire, right? That's right. 00:49 So you got four inches there? Yeah, I gained four inches. Why do you need to be taller? Why do you need to be higher? Well, 00:54 it just depends on the variety of corn and the time of the planting, but a lot of times the corn can get 10, 00:58 12 feet tall and it's impossible to spray with a 60, you know, 60 inch height sprayer. Well, it is, it's not impossible. Uh, 01:05 you break a lot of it over, you knock, you knock a lot of your corn down hurt, which kinda defeats the purpose of putting all that corn turn doing this. 01:11 So what you did is you put this thing on here and it's an aftermarket situation. You you didn't come from the manufacturer direct. That's right. 01:18 Ran into Steve at a trade show and he got to show me some of the, how you can retrofit what you already have. And it seemed pretty simple. 01:25 So we went out on a limb and told him to send us one and we got it on and it, it really does what he sends. All right. You've got some tall corn right now. 01:31 We're filming this at the very end of June here in Jackson, Tennessee. How tall is your corn right now? You want demo? 01:36 Probably most of us' gonna be around 10 foot this year. Okay. 10 foot. So, which is shorter for us, but this year's about 10 foot. 01:41 You wanna take us the field and show us this machine? Yeah, let's do it. All right. We're ahead to the field right now. 01:45 We're gonna check out him running this machine in 10 foot, the corn and we're gonna see how much a difference, what 18 to 20 inches makes. 01:51 Got it. 1820 inches. So we came to a tall cornfield here to demonstrate the height change in this. You've already seen the metamorphosis, 02:13 the incredible Hulk moment where we went from 60 inches of height up to 80 inches height. We did speed that up by the way. 02:20 It takes about two and a half minutes, I'm told to go from the, uh, standard height up to the, uh, the 80 inch height. 02:27 So we're gonna bring in the mechanical expert, the guy that innovated this, Steve Simon Simon Innovations. Show us how this works. 02:33 When I walked up on this Steve, I saw a great big three foot cylinder. I saw a big old air bladder. If you play it, 02:39 it sounds a little bit like a bongo drum. Tell me how, how this works. Yeah, Damien, thank you. Uh, 02:44 we've replaced all the original shafting in the machine with our custom chrome shafts. Uh, replaced our, 02:49 the OEM airbag with our airbag and put air actuators on all four corners so that we can raise and lower this from the seat of the cap. 02:57 The guy that brought this to the field said he just actually did it coming down the road, coming into this field. 03:02 He just hit it and then driving down the road it, it, uh, brought it from six inches up to the 80 inch height. Great idea. 03:07 And absolutely when he leaves the field, it's uh, he's gonna lower the machine in less than two minutes and travel home safely. So John, and now we're in the field. I mean we're gonna show some, 03:16 some footage here of going across the field with your operator. Steven, is there anything that maybe, uh, I'm not seeing from this point of view. 03:23 It looks like okay, we're still touching but we're knock knocking this corn over. That's the idea. Yeah, when we get out in the field away from the inroads, 03:29 the corn's gonna get quite a bit taller. You'll be able to see then you'll still lean the corn a little bit. The tassels lean over, but the boom's got plenty of clearance. 03:37 The spray's gonna go right down to that canopy. It's gonna do a great job. Got it. Well, we're gonna show you some of that, but uh, 03:42 one last thing before we do. When we were in the pool building, Johnny had his foot up on this ladder and I wanna see, 03:48 go ahead and put your foot up falling down. I don't think that's gonna happen. All right. So anyway, we're 20 inches higher now. 03:53 Maybe there's something could benefit you when you're spraying high crops. Late season. You heard the reasons why you've been in the field, 03:59 up to you to decide until next time.

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