Left for Dead - How Kelly and Mike Saved This Corn From The Chopper
8 Nov 232 min 11 sec

They sliced and diced this corn early on as the cover crop wouldn't die off. After mowing it, they figured it would just end up being cattle feed, but somehow they managed to use fertility to take it to yield and learned something in the process.

00:00 So we're standing out here in front of this eight acre field that back in June, if you remember, we forgot it with the sprayer, the cover crop came up. 00:07 Then when we hit it with the sprayer, we had trouble terminating the rye. The corn was uneven because the rye was killing it out. Yep. 00:14 Was drowning it out, if you will. And I just hoped it was gonna get tall enough to Chop Evans and Wind Grove. Went out there and mowed it off to terminate the cover crop and to even up the 00:24 corn, I thought it was the craziest thing I'd ever seen. I still hoped that we could just get something to chop. 00:29 We get to chopping time into August, and I'm gonna pull into the chop. And Evans said, don't do it. The corn's only at about R two. 00:35 The ears are just coming out and, or the ear, the ears are just filling. And here we stand today, you know, last half of October filming, and, uh, 00:44 look what Evans has found. Evans and Wind Grove were right. Yeah. So when we did that project, we, it was one of those extreme ag things. 00:52 Let's just go see what happens. And, uh, yeah, I was with you. I thought we'd just chop it and be done. But, uh, we came in here, 00:58 we sprayed it with a little stole bio forge advance just to kind of heal it after we chopped it, kind of mimic a hail, like we talked in June, 01:05 little hail image. Try to see if something with, obviously if the stands thin already. So it was planted about 32, 33. It's probably ended up being about 27, 28. So there's some stand loss there. Um, 01:17 probably harvestable years now, we're probably in that 25, 26 range. So, But you saved it. 01:22 Yeah. And, uh, you know, when you were gonna chop, I'm just, I walked out, I'm like, let's see what this looks like. And I'm like, there's potential here. 01:29 So I'm pretty stoked with what we're seeing. Uh, it kind of goes back to never quit on anything, never quit. And, uh, there are products there to help you get through those tough areas. 01:38 So I think we kind of know now if we get a hailstorm, which seems to be more wind and hail. Yeah. Happens here quite a Bit every year. 01:45 So we got products in our toolbox to maybe go fight and heal the crop up. So, pretty excited about it. We'll probably combine this in the next day or two. 01:52 Yep. And we'll see what the yield is. I'm, I told him, I think it'd be 200 bushel and he, I think he about jumped outta the truck At 26, 20 7,000. That's 200 bushel. Yep. There's no doubt this turned out great. 02:03 Evans and Wind Grove saved it. Like Evan says, don't give up on a crop.

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