Lee's Low Cost Seed Treater

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25 Oct 232 min 31 secPremium Content

Lee shares the details of his homemade seed treater.

Hey everybody, this is Lee Ubers Extreme Ag, and today we're talking seed trading. Why do we do this? R o i That is huge for us. The payback on this has been astronomic over the years. Uh, the ability to do it ourselves and for relatively low cost. We didn't have to break the bank. We took a car trailer and left out the back part with no ramps. Two mix and cone, surge bin downspout. Treater. We can run biology and chemistry. That is incredible. What it does for our r o i every year, the conveyor pays for itself by moving a mount in the grain when it's not doing seed. The auger is a backup one that we've kept over the years. Keep it in the shed. Treat seed, as you can see, nice and pink coming out. The coverage is amazing. Uh, it'll do anything that a hundred plus thousand dollars treater would do, and we didn't break the bank. Low cost, high return, that's what it's about. Let's us do PGRs biology, chemistry, do trials. We're gonna do one with F M C this year, and we're gonna play with some solar products. It's about stress mitigation. We know all know the value in our group of stress mitigation, and it starts in furrow on the seed. Then we have opportunities through fertility, fertility minded products, and also foal products, whether they might be micronutrients or plain out stress mitigation products. We have multiple ways to add to our bottom line. This is the initial step. We love it. And just wanna remind everybody, you don't have to break the bank to do it. Low cost, high return. That's what it's all about. Uh, we've had this trailer set up for over 15 years. Uh, it made this money the first year and the payback every year is huge. And it gives this ability to do new things, try new things, change our system throughout the years and try new products. So that's how we keep learning. That's how we keep advancing and increasing our yields, and that's what it's about. So, just wanted to remind everybody that r o i, huge, r i return ideas do not have to break the bank. They can be at low cost. Here's an example. So I'm Lee Lubers, an extreme ag. Let's do it.

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