Lee get his first taste of the Fendt Momentum Planter
30 Jun 223 min 32 sec

Lee takes the Fendt Momentum Planter to the field as part of his side by side test with his John Deere. 

00:00 Hey everybody, it's Lee lubbers. It's a first for me running a fin tractor and the Fenton planner today. It's pretty awesome. I'm digging 00:09 it. It's whisper quiet the rides like a dream 6.8 mile an hour is cruising along we put in our presets we have seat one for the Headlands 00:21 and slow down a little bit leaving a new beat this outfit and then C2 for the field Cruise speed. We're on 00:27 a 2020 which most of our viewers are very standard with so that's one nice thing about the fifth momentum. Planner controls what you're seeing in the field you can relate to 00:40 because you're probably already running it or a vast majority. Are you see we're running. We're not variable rating. We're 00:46 running Apples to Apples today. So we got to keep everything the same as my brother to run the standard 22,000. 00:52 And he's singulation has been awesome. We've done two checks. It's been perfect in my opinion downforce is 00:58 looking good. Right. It's been fine. We're cruising along. Is making our first full complete round and really liking 01:07 this nice and comfortable tractor whisper quiet with the IBT or CVT and works great planners riding 01:16 good. I can actually looking back. I can faintly see the tire inflation system doing its job out of the tires have relaxed. They've 01:25 actually let out some air comparing we first pulled into the field so I can visually see it. So that's pretty cool. I can see just a little 01:34 bit of flex to the tires as we're going through the field. Yeah. Like I said, all 24 rows are just 01:41 one on the way to be great ground contact cigulation you are going through a dip and you can see their Flex system and seven mile an 01:49 hour doesn't miss a Beat. If I was running a regular plan, or I would have slowed down two three. Mile went right through it didn't even know it and I think 02:00 they'd find in singulation and right or really great. The reason they have the tire on the outside in your guest room with the auto 02:09 implants system for weight pressure is because that your guest Road and keeping it out there and it's alleviating peach rose. 02:18 That would be that so put it in the guest room and they also have the 02:30 air pressure system the compensation system to alleviate for it. Too double whammy there. 02:38 Your money this momentum planner was really a combination of several different ideas from different groups. So our vertical contouring toolbar 02:47 idea. That was one that our Brazil team was was working with for their conditions and and different things that they want to do with the toolbar itself 02:56 and our us-based team was kind of toying with the idea of the automated weight transfer system and the tire inflation systems and how 03:05 we make those systems a a one touch don't mess with them after that feature. And really the momentum planner is a combination of these different 03:14 ideas that have come together to create this enhanced operator experience as we would call it. 03:21 Like in the tractor like an old rig, so let's stay tuned.

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