3 Oct 221 min 59 sec

The XtremeAg guys have been trialing Source from SoundAg this season to increase their nitrogen availability.  Kelly visits with a farmer just north of him who has been using the product for three seasons to talk about the results he has seen.

00:00 This is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag. We're here today on the John Scott Farm south of otoboat with a field report on 00:06 corn and specifically Source from sound egg. This is my first year with Source on my farm, but it's John's third year and he's got a wealth of knowledge and information. 00:16 This is again his third year what he's seen the first two years. I'm gonna let him share that with you. I don't know if it's a wealth of knowledge the 00:22 first year. We applied it. We applied split a field with source, and we applied it at B5 with herbicide. 00:29 Well ended up that was the Dre show year came in the wind blew the corn down didn't see a great amount of yield results. But what 00:38 we saw was quite a bit more plant health and the wind didn't affect the corn with the source on it near as much as the corn without the source. 00:47 So last year we tried it again and I said when we started this was gonna give it three years and if I had positive results every year 00:56 for three years, then we'd look at it on a bigger scale last year. We came in on some DeKalb 5982 applied it at VT with 14 01:05 ounces of quilt XL and saw 20 bushel the Acres. Over corn right beside it that everything was the same practice as except for the source. 01:16 This year we did the same exact thing. It's this is 5289 again. 01:21 Or 5982, excuse me again. And what we see is is the plant health is phenomenal and we're getting that late season nitrogen where 01:30 the plant doesn't want a cannibalize itself stock quality. You can see here. We're at 29th of August and we're green to the ground. The plant 01:39 health is just unbelievable. The plant health is really nice. Yeah, I would agree and also like like I said 01:45 the ear consistency and and the plant just isn't starving for anything The Source really seems to help with nutrient availability. Thank you, 01:54 John.

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