One Last Pass
22 Aug 231 min 21 sec

Kevin has insects eating his soybean leaves so since he has to get back in the field, he might as well #sendit. Here is what's in his last pass.

00:00 Well, we're talking about sending it as Chad says, send it. Uh, we might be pushing this to the limits a little bit, but insects on the beans, 00:09 eating the solar panels as Temple would say. So, uh, we're going to get rid of them tonight. And, um, well I got a lot of different stuff I'm going to do here, 00:21 so it's gonna be quite interesting. So we're mixing everything up. Um, oh yeah, a little bit of everything here. 00:32 Wheat success, Brandt cube, bar fruit, prima calcium, uh, little bit of boron, extra little finish line. A little bit of maximum M impact. And 00:59 whoops, we got several gallons. Uh, FL Max. This'll be interesting right here. R five. Application about R R three. That's about R four. 01:13 Actually we need R five. It, we got a loader her down.

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