We Are Going To Fix This Mess
20 Jun 233 min 59 sec

48 hours after planting this field, it rained...and rained...and rained. Kevin is making the tough decision to cut his losses and replant this field.  He is bringing the land plane and the disc in first. 

00:00 So we got a little field report here today. One thing that we do with stream ag is we try to do things right and we talk about doing things right. 00:07 So it's always important that we do the same thing on our farms that we're recommending to all our members. But you can see behind me, you can see some, 00:15 uh, areas back on hill where the corn stand is thin. This got drowned out. We planted this corn and within about 48 hours of planting, 00:24 we got a four inch rain. It stayed, uh, cloudy and damp and water standing this rain after rain after rain for about three days. Water stood in these areas. And um, this, 00:36 this area right over in here is very flat. It's a creek bottom. It goes, the river's just right over theno. So we're going to disc this up, 00:43 we're going to tire it up, we're going to replant it. Um, some of it, the stands really good, 00:49 but in general it's not going to be top of the game If we leave it, the, the upland, you see where the ridge is good, none of that'll be replanted. 00:59 That'll all, that's fine. More likely that'll enter enter A N C G A contest as well. But um, again, 01:07 this kind of showing you some of the things that we're going to do, we'll just take, um, we'll take this here, Krauss disk and 30 foot, 01:15 we're going to work it up. We typically don't work up very little land unless we're gonna run a land plane. But we're gonna work this up. 01:23 But not only are we going to work it up and replant it, but we're gonna bring the land plane in here today. And, um, we're going to drag some dirt in these low areas right here that you see 01:35 that's holding the water. And, you know, we keep having issues with this if we get heavy rains just in the right time and after planting. 01:46 So this is why we're going to bring the land plan in and I'll show you a video of that later today with the 24 foot wide land plane. 01:54 It does a beautiful job and, uh, it moves a lot of dirt. We're gonna see if we can fill these holes in a little bit. Uh, 01:59 we ain't got enough time to get 'em perfect, but we're gonna get 'em better than what they are. Cut get the water coming back to the, 02:05 to this side ditches and to the creeks like it needs to be. But the flood, I actually washed this channel right here on us and, uh, 02:13 when the waters come through and we've just not had a dry enough opportunity to fix it. 02:17 So we're gonna stop the planters for one day and we're gonna fix this mess. So here we are, disk in the field now, 02:24 and you can see all the mis places. Well, it's not missed, it's just drowned it out where it drowned it out. 02:31 These areas are not gonna make no corn. It ain't gonna get no better. I could come fill it in, 02:37 but then it would be an aggravating thing to manage and harvest. And I could spray this with gramoxone or and kill the 02:46 corn, but then it's gonna sucker back. I've tried all kinds of different scenarios, but, um, I hate to dis my no-till land. But at the end of the day, 02:58 we got a problem and we need to fix it. And by the way, this is m drip, subsurface drip tape. It's buried at nine inches on this farm. Actually, I told you wrong. 03:11 This farm here is at about 10 inches. And everyone's concern is if I put drip tape in, will I be able to do tillage? And the answer is yes. And this disc car, 03:23 I'm only cutting down about three to four inches. Not very deep at all. Running a fast, faster speed to throw it. Good to get rid of the roots, 03:32 like right here on this ridge. The corn looks pretty. That come good. But then you go right over there and hey, 03:39 so we'll be showing you our bird, our land plane here before long. Uh, and we'll do a separate video on that, 03:46 and you'll be able to see us filling these holes in somewhat. I'm not, I, I can spend two days here filling holes in. I don't have that kind of time, 03:54 but I'm gonna do what I can to help things.

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